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The Hydroclimate Research Group



The overarching purpose of our research group is to advance understanding of hydroclimate dynamics and of the manner in which hydroclimatic processes interact with ecological and human systems. In the process, we aim to develop tools for improved monitoring and prediction of regional atmospheric processes, landscape hydrology, and, in collaboration with many wonderful colleagues, coupled climate / environment / human systems relevant to human health, food and water security, and preservation of biodiversity. For details, please visit our [ projects ], [ people ], and [ publications ] sites.

The Hydroclimate Research Group is committed to anti-racism. We seek to support one another as people and scientists by cultivating a diverse and welcoming intellectual environment, by championing scientists from underrepresented groups and disadvantaged backgrounds, and by pursuing work that contributes to climate and environmental justice.

Hydroclimate Research Group 2020

Hydroclimate research group, July 2020 (socially distanced!): Yifan Zhou, Ben Zaitchik, Wanshu Nie, Lauren Deanes, Chanud Yasanayake, Cristina Recalde, Mahmoud Osman, Ryan Zamora, Aman Vashisht, Zhen Gao, Zewdu Alamineh, Hamada Badr.