Lab Members

Current Lab Members
Scot C. Kuo Principal Investigator
Charles Fisher BME PhD Graduate Student 2001-
Steve Merrill Senior Lab Technician

Fay Peng BME PhD Graduate Student 2001-
Divya Singh Physics PhD Graduate Student 2002-
Charles Chaney BME MSE Graduate Student 2001-
Julien Delueze BME MSE Graduate Student 2002-
Jie Zheng BME BSE Student 2000
Jim McGrath Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow 1998-2001. Currently Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Rochester, NY
Soichiro Yamada PhD Student, 1997-2001.  Currently post-doctoral fellow, Stanford, CA  
Rooshin Dalal MSE Student 1997-1999. Currently MD-PhD student, University of Virginia  
Larisa Gheber Postdoctoral Fellow 1995-1999. Currently Lecturer, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Karthik Ganesan MSE Student 1995-1997. Currently Staff Engineer, Snap-On Diagnostic Instruments, San Jose, CA  
Brian Sorg MSE Student 1993-1995. Currently PhD candidate, University of Texas, Austin, TX  
Krishnan Ramanathan MSE Student 1993-1995. Currently Consultant, Mackenzie & Assoc., Chicago, IL  
Leo Kim BSE Student 1994-1997. Currently MD-PhD student, Yale University, New Haven, CT  

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