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Emanuele Berti

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

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For news on my group’s research, please see the blog on this website. For information on past activities of my group (before July 2018), see the Mississippi gravity group webpage. Here you can find:


Data Tables

  • Numerical data for hairy black hole solutions computed by Carlos Herdeiro and Eugen Radu: see Section 3.1.2 of our review arXiv:1501.07274.

  • Cumulative distribution functions P(w) for a single Earth-based detector and for a three-detector network, as described in the Appendix of arXiv:1405.7016.


  • My Ph. D. thesis (2001) on gravitational waves from perturbed stars in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

  • My Laurea thesis (1998) on the influence of the equation of state on the axial w-modes. The thesis is in Italian – you have been warned!