The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 5, 1999

April 5, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 29

Young Investigators to be honored
Milestone for AIDS Study
Sen. Mikulski visits Bloomberg for pre-launch look at FUSE
Team heads off to collegiate programming championships
The Class of 2003 begins: Acceptances are in the mail
School of Medicine recognizes staff anniversaries
"Post" journalist wins the 1998 SAIS-Novartis Prize
Aliens at Bloomberg
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Supporting artful endeavors
When is a pinhole a large opening? Douglas Housman, a junior studying neuroscience, has spent the past month giving out the answer to this riddle.
   On Monday and Tuesday nights, Housman teaches photography to groups of HIV-infected adults in downtown Baltimore. His illustrative and functional tool has been the pinhole camera, a homemade device that uses a needle-sized hole to form a picture.
   Housman's goal is for his students to understand the basics of photography before they start taking pictures with more traditional equipment. Full story...

Meet BORG--APL's new supercomputer
Something is different about Room 2-105 in the Research and Technology Development Center at the Applied Physics Laboratory. There are an awful lot of computers in there, but then that's true for many APL spaces.
   Come inside. It's immediately cooler. And now you see 16 desktop computers labeled BORG 1 through 16, all connected by a mass of yellow cables to a small black box. You're looking at a supercomputer in the making.
   It's the brain child of George Mou of the Research and Technology Development Center. Starting a year ago with support from the RTDC and an APL Independent Research and Development grant, Mou began putting together the hardware, software and programming model that co-workers call BORG for Brokered Objects for Ragged-network Gigaflops--in plain language, a supercomputer. Full story...

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