The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 22, 1999

March 22, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 27

Travel Medicine gives shots--and advice
Higher doses of methadone may do the trick, study says
Electrical engineer gives robots a new way to "see"
Margarethe Cammermeyer, Angela Davis to headline DSAGA series
Study shows flu shots keep health workers on the job
Vinegar offers dependable, inexpensive test for cervical cancer
The envelope, please...
First graduate
Scene on Campus
Upcoming talk looks at the military-industrial complex
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"Voyage and Discovery"
   Adam Libow is the kind of student who gets inspired. A few years ago, he was a sophomore political science major intent on pursuing a career in law, when an elective science course sparked him to change his major and his career ambitions.
   Now a fifth-year senior about to graduate and pursue a career in medicine, 22-year-old Libow, who grew up on Long Island, N.Y., is still open to inspiration. In the fall, as a teaching assistant in a Topics in Neuroscience course, he heard a professor give a great lecture that emphasized the process of medical research. And that inspired him to create the "Voyage and Discovery" lecture series, which begins next week.
   The person who inspired him, Guy McKhann, director of the Krieger Mind/Brain Institute and a professor of neurology and neuroscience, kept students spellbound as he led them through the shifting terrain he traveled in researching Guillian Barre Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. Full story...

University Develops Crisis Plan
In the event of the unthinkable like a fatal dorm fire, who would call the students' parents? Or if a major destructive hurricane hit the area, who would house displaced students and how could the hurricane affect the business operations of the university?
   To answer these types of questions, a 12-member ad hoc committee on crisis management was formed last spring to evaluate the university's current methods and approaches to crisis situations and make recommendations for a more focused university-wide approach.
   A report by the ad hoc committee was approved on March 1. Full story...

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