The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 3, 1999

May 3, 1999
VOL. 28, NO. 33

Business of Medicine program receives more awards
A taste of Hopkins medcine for Dunbar students
Migraine pain: Not mainly in the brain
Chronically ill teens turn to Internet for peer support, researchers report
Having primary care physician can offset health effects of poverty
Stress and surgery may increase development of cancerous tumors
SAIS to host world financial conference
New books are on the way for the Tutorial Project
Staff Recognition Awards presented at Homewood
What's ahead for NASA
Internal auditing offices of university and JHHS to merge
Homewood House Museum welcomes "An Aromatic Spring"
Obit: Moshe Rosen, materials science and engineering professor, 67
Obit: Donald Pritchard, pioneering oceanographer, dies at 76
Obit: Francis Pettijohn, founder of modern sedimentology, was 94
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Art Workshops turn 25
The Homewood Art Workshops began innocently enough in a small room on the first floor of Merryman Hall on the Homewood campus. It was a modest space where on one afternoon each week a model would come to pose for the gathered budding artists.
   It was 1974, and Craig Hankin at that time was a junior majoring in art history. Hankin says the program back then was not much more than a small group of people with sketch pads and a few who actually brought paints with them.
   But to Hankin, that small room was a godsend. Full story...

$10 million endows A&S deanship
International telephone and cable television entrepreneur J. Barclay Knapp has committed $10 million to endow the deanship of the university's Krieger School of Arts and Sciences in memory of his father.
   Income from the endowment will be available to the dean as a sort of academic venture capital fund, providing seed money for new initiatives and enabling the dean to respond quickly to innovative proposals from the Arts and Sciences faculty.
   "We are profoundly grateful to Barclay for his extraordinary gift, which recognizes the central role the Krieger School plays at Johns Hopkins," President William R. Brody said. "An endowed deanship gives us unique opportunities to enhance the academic mission of the school." Full story...

Study Shows "Silent" HIV Lasts a Lifetime
In 1995, researchers at Johns Hopkins discovered that HIV evades anti-viral drugs by hiding in the immune system, infecting certain white blood cells, called T cells, and then going to sleep, or turning off. In the May Nature Medicine, the same team reports this silent infection persists for a lifetime.
   "This doesn't mean a cure for HIV is impossible, but it is an obstacle," says Robert Siliciano, senior author on the report and associate professor of rheumatology and of molecular biology and genetics, School of Medicine. "And it emphasizes that patients need to stay on their medication, possibly for the rest of their lives."
   However, not all news from the study was bleak. The study patients, who kept to their strict drug regimens under supervision from physicians at the Johns Hopkins Moore HIV Clinic, all had undetectable levels of HIV in their blood and no signs of AIDS. Full story...

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