The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 10, 2000

April 10, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 31

ALS Center funded at Med School
Shark tumors cast doubt on cancer 'cure-all'
Young Investigators present work
'Last Angry Brown Hat'
HIV program uses mobile vans in city to offer free urine testing
Essay on service wins IPS contest on meaning of citizenship
Transport time of trauma patients is critical
JHU, Technion-Israel Institute establish joint biomed program
Gift to Hillel paves the way to a new center for student life
Gotcha! APL enhances video surveillance
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Pursuing a field of dreams
   Early spring has forever held an allure for Abby Grossberg, a freshman in The Writing Seminars. But it's not blooming flowers or rain showers that enchant this 19-year-old; rather, it has more to do with a little bald-headed man named Oscar.
   Since her earliest memories, Grossberg has been caught up in what she refers to as the "magic" of the Academy Awards. As evidence, she recalls a certain brazen 7-year-old girl who would lock herself in her room and write Oscar acceptance speeches, and then later reappear to tell her mother she needed a dress to wear to the ceremonies.
   "My poor mom--I told her she had to make me one. I admit, I'm a bit of a daydreamer," Grossberg says. "But I've always been captivated by movies. It's something I always knew I wanted to do with my life, whether it was to write, direct or produce them."
   Today, Grossberg is a significant step closer to seeing her name on the credits. Full story...

Spring Fair 2000 weekend
Anyone guilty of eyeing those colorful, cartoonlike cartons of Ben and Jerry's ice cream knows one thing, packaging sells. There are times, however, when a product should just speak for itself--at least the organizing committee behind Hopkins' 29th annual Spring Fair thinks so.
   Doing away with the long-standing tradition of fair themes, this year's installment is simply being called Spring Fair 2000. The no-frills name is part of a "more businesslike approach" to the three-day event, which will begin at noon on Friday, April 14.
   The entirely student-run festival is one of the largest of its kind, typically drawing more than 100,000 visitors to the Homewood campus for fun, food and music. Full story...

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