The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 17, 2000

April 17, 2000
VOL. 29, NO. 32

Tobacco funds are alloted
SOM applauds its Young Investigators
SAIS to host conference on corruption in Asia
Research finds high blood pressure linked to sleep apnea
Homewood staff recognition
Good job, say student workers and their employers
Researchers identify drug target to treat sleeping sickness
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Fessler Is Named Dean of SPSBE
Longtime associate dean Ralph Fessler has been appointed dean of the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education, the school with the largest enrollment in the university.
   Fessler, a member of the school's faculty since 1983, has served as interim dean since September. After a national search, President William R. Brody recommended Fessler to the executive committee of the university's board of trustees, which approved the appointment Friday. Fessler will take office May 1, succeeding Stanley Gabor, who retired last summer after 17 years as dean.
   "It's always gratifying when someone who is already a valued member of the Hopkins family emerges in so strong a position from a national search," Brody said. "Ralph has a keen appreciation not only of the distinctive needs of each of the school's divisions but also of the many ways in which they complement each other. And in his role as interim dean, his wisdom and patience have already won him the admiration of his colleagues across the university." Full story...

Tired? Stressed? Jump on the workday wellness wagon
Make sure you're breathing," says fitness instructor Sharon Parker. She scans a sea of legs that lower and rise in unison inside the bright confines of Homewood's Glass Pavilion on a Tuesday afternoon. Group members lie flat on their backs, some on towels, others on mats. "Please don't hold your breath. We don't want anybody passing out on us."
   The majority of the 22 participants find a second to smile and break from their concentration. There is no rest for the weary, however, as many quickly revert to a straight-faced tenor with Parker's next verbal direction: "OK. Let's do five more. Five ... four .. three. Remember, the movement is all in the hips."
   The session is more than halfway finished, and Parker, a personal fitness trainer with the local company Absolute Fitness, moves the class quickly from one exercise to another, trying to isolate a host of body parts. Next, still on their backs, the participants pick up dumbbells lying at their sides and are told to bring their arms together like they "are hugging something." Once again, Parker counts off the repetitions. Full story...

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