The Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 27, 2000

November 27, 2000
VOL. 30, NO. 12

Two weeks remain to reach goal
Lottery winners drawn as university nears 2000 United Way goals
Enzyme is key to hallmark of Alzheimer's
E-mail news and information services are available to Hopkins community
Powerful pasta
High rate of star birth linked to supermassive black holes
125 Ways of Caring: Scrapbook
Easy-to-use clinical tests help determine risk for early disabilities
Oncology Center gets prestigious SPORE grant for breast cancer research
Job Opportunities
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Learning from bacteria
Every time he peers into Nature's voluminous bag of biochemical tricks, Craig Townsend, professor of chemistry, comes away amazed.
   "Nature is absolutely the master of organic chemists," Townsend says. "There's a lot to learn from the master."
   Townsend, postdoctoral fellow Rong-Feng Li and graduate student Tony Stapon have been taking an "apprenticeship" from streptomyces and erwinia, families of bacteria. The topic of study is production of a prized class of antibiotics, carbapenems, originally created by these bacteria. Full story...

Group designs and fine-tunes the instruments of science
As Gregg Scharfstein's classmates were feverishly sending out their resumes this past spring, prepping for interviews and fretting over crucial decisions on job offers, Sharfstein had considerably less on his mind.
   Finals, definitely. The start of Yankees baseball, maybe. But a job? Nope, he already had that in the bag. For Scharfstein, graduation was simply the climax of an extremely enviable feat: Not only had he found the job of his dreams before graduation, he kept it after he graduated. He had been, and would continue to be, a mechanical engineer for the Johns Hopkins Instrument Development Group. Full story...

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