The Johns Hopkins Gazette: August 20, 2001

August 20, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 42

New laptop computer program is introduced
FUSE data unveils space cobweb
Former U.S. Treasury official is named associate dean at SPSBE
A different way to help Habitat
Genetic mutation may be key to onset of deadly skin cancer
Obituary: William H. Huggins, longtime electrical engineering professor, dies at 82
Homewood undergrad admissions has new director from Caltech
Study finds welfare-to-work families are lacking health care coverage
Time Out With...APL's Marc Clayton, groovy science guy
Job Opportunities
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Public health helpline
A substantial degree of anxiety hit Maryland's residents last fall when dead birds infected with West Nile virus began appearing around the state. Although mosquitoes are the disease's carrier, the birds were a sign that the virus was in the area.
   To respond to the situation, the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene decided to set up a West Nile virus hotline to allow citizens to report suspicious bird deaths. Leslie Edwards, acting chief of DHMH's Division of Outbreak Investigation, reached for a hotline herself: Here was a job for SORT, the Student Outbreak Response Team from Hopkins' Bloomberg School of Public Health. Full story...

JHU Partnership makes graphics software available for free
A new partnership between the university and the Chicago-based Open Channel Foundation now allows design engineers and computer programmers to download for free a graphics program that significantly speeds up the way a computer displays a three-dimensional model as the model changes position.
   The program, devised by Subodh Kumar, assistant professor of computer science in the Whiting School of Engineering, also gives the user greater control over the level of detail that appears on screen. The software is called sLIB, short for "surface library." By posting the source code on the Open Channel Web site, which is Full story...

Welch's Nancy Roderer will serve as interim dean of libraries
Nancy Roderer has been appointed interim director of the Sheridan Libraries and interim dean of university libraries, beginning Sept. 1.
   Roderer, currently director of the Johns Hopkins Welch Medical Library, will retain that role and serve in the interim positions until a successor is appointed for James G. Neal, who has accepted the position of vice president for information services and university librarian at Columbia University.
   "Nancy brings an impressive breadth of experience to this important role," said Provost Steven Knapp. "Her continuing role as director of the Welch Medical Library will give her a valuable overview of library systems across the institutions. We are grateful for her willingness to step forward at this crucial transitional moment." Full story...

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