The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 29, 2001

May 29, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 36

JHU, medical societies join in Web plan
Eye drops could help 'haze' after laser surgery
Obituary: Biologist James Ebert, 79, and wife Alma, 78, killed in crash
Obituary: Russell Nelson, former Hopkins Hospital president, dies at 88
Physicians miss opportunities to improve care for older asthmatics
Scientists identify first gene involved in causing Crohn's disease
Celebrating 20 years and more
Job Opportunities
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Commencement 2001
Stocked with bottled water and extra camera film, thousands gathered on the Homewood campus on a warm May 24 to participate in and witness the close of the university's 125th academic year.
   The university's milestone anniversary added an even deeper significance to this year's university-wide degree-conferring event held in the morning and the undergraduate diploma ceremony in the afternoon.
   University president William R. Brody, as is his custom, addressed the graduates gathered for the university-wideceremony. In his address, Brody spoke of the "special cause to celebrate" in regard to the day's historical importance. Full story...

Proteins in African HIV interact differently with drugs
Naturally occurring genetic variations in HIV-A and HIV-C, the two subtypes of HIV prevalent in Africa, make it harder for inhibitory drugs to bind to the protease, a key protein involved in viral maturation, according to a new report by biologists in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.
   Ernesto Freire, the Henry Walters Professor of Biology, emphasizes that the new findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, are based on in vitro tests of basic biochemical properties and, therefore, cannot be used to assess the effectiveness of inhibitor drugs in patient treatments. Full story...

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