The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 4, 2002

February 4, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 20

Improved e-mail is on its way
Painless test for colon cancer shows promise
WJHU becomes WYPR
Altered stem cells may help scientists guide immune system
Job Opportunities
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Undergrad life takes center stage
This month work begins for a new university committee that is charged with the lofty goal of re-envisioning the entire undergraduate experience at Johns Hopkins. The Commission on Undergraduate Education, formally convened at an event held Thursday night, is the first endeavor of its kind and is part of an effort to keep Hopkins well-positioned amid an increasingly competitive higher education marketplace. Full story...

Wilson fellowship leads student to Chinese orphanages
On her first visit to China, between her freshman and sophomore years, Heather Campbell tried very hard to get permission to get inside an orphanage to observe conditions in one of these controversial institutions, but all her efforts went for naught. Officials, in the end, simply said no.
   It wasn't all that surprising because the Chinese government had closed off most foreign access to orphanages in the wake of reports that deplorable conditions existed for the children living in them. Full story...

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