The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 11, 2002

March 11, 2002
VOL. 31, NO. 25

FUSE returns to full-time science operations
Oops! Color of the universe corrected by astronomers
JHM cardiac pioneers provide inspiration for minority students
Noted New York urban landscape painter to speak at Mattin Center
Time Out With: Alan Meeker
Travel exhibit opens at MSE Library
U.N. unveils JHU-guided handbook for tracking nonprofits globally
Job Opportunities
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Making science reader-friendly
Want a risky bet? How about that evens would come up on a roulette wheel 26 straight times--the odds of it happening are 1 in 142,857,000. An even worse bet would be that a typewriter-equipped monkey, even one given an infinite amount of time and paper, would spew out Shakespearean prose.
   For those who wonder about such likelihoods--and others who question the need for those long "crocodile lines" at Disneyworld--the Johns Hopkins University Press has just the book for you. This spring JHU Press will release What Are the Chances? Voodoo Deaths, Office Gossip and Other Adventures in Probability, a 136-page volume that injects some fun into the bland world of statistics. Full story...

SPSBE degree lures teachers
The opportunity to earn a Johns Hopkins master of arts in teaching degree has proved to be a powerful incentive for top college graduates from around the country to enroll in the Teach For America program and pledge to spend two years in high-need Baltimore schools.
   The partnership be-tween the Graduate Division of Education in the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education and the Baltimore office of Teach For America enables the local recruitment team from the program to offer recent college graduates a chance to enter the Hopkins MAT program at the same time they begin their initial two-year tour of teaching in Baltimore's schools. Full story...

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