The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 13, 1998

Apr. 13, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 30

First film festival scheduled for campus
Obit: Allergy researcher David G. Marsh, professor of medicine, dies at 58
Prochaska Prize awarded
Phi Beta Kappa chapter to induct 151 new members
Country's "top docs" convene at Public Health
Mansion known as "Little Hopkins" opens to public
House proud
Varsity sports at Johns Hopkins
The Odyssey begins
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Working wonders
When you consider how many students from the schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering hold campus jobs, you can't help but wonder how the university could possibly function without them. Some 4,300 students have campus jobs, split nearly perfectly in half between undergraduate and graduate students.
    "You will find students in every nook and cranny of this institution, from the laboratories to the service divisions to the provost's and president's offices," says D. Lynn O'Neil, director of Student Employment and Payroll Services. "And those numbers don't take into account all the students who work in volunteer programs that serve the campus and community." Full story...

Baritone wins top opera competitions
When baritone Chen-Ye Yuan auditioned for Roger Brunyate two years ago, the Peabody Opera director wrote at the time that "his was the best voice I had ever heard without having to pay for the privilege."
   Last month, Chen-Ye, now a student at Peabody, was a winner in the final round of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions Competition from a field of over 2,000 entries. Full story...

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