The Johns Hopkins Gazette: May 25, 1998

May 25, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 36

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One prenatal visit decreases risk of preterm delivery
Scholarly journal to sponsor Bucharest conference
Test may offer high-risk groups quick, affordable screening of tumors
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Congrats, and "good luck"
There were cheers and applause, cowbells and blowhorns, and every now and again an excited yelp that forced you to turn your head and search for its source. And all around were signs and balloons, flowers and flashbulbs, and enough camcordaers to warrant opening a videocassette stand on the steps of Gilman Hall. Yet amid this collection of sights and sounds perhaps what stood out most were the thousands of beaming smiles that never wilted as sons, daughters, spouses, life partners and friends went up on stage to receive what at once seemed such a distant prize--a Johns Hopkins diploma. Full story...

Math, brain researchers get Sloan Fellowships
While most rail commuters are reading newspapers during their morning ride to work, William Minicozzi is hard at work.
   "I love my job," said the mathematician, who doesn't need any fancy computers or calculators to do his research.
   As daunting as it might seem, he does all of his math in his head, scribbling his inscrutable findings in note pads and on blackboards. So the 55-minute commute to Baltimore from his home in suburban Virginia is actually the perfect laboratory.
   Minicozzi and neuroscientist Alfredo Kirkwood are among 100 outstanding young scientists across the nation who have been awarded Sloan Research Fellowships this year. Full story...

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