The Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 30, 1998

Mar. 30, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 28

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Owen Phillips makes waves
Owen Phillips' career has been marked by turbulence.
   No, really.
   He is a pioneer in research dealing with geophysical fluid mechanics, which includes the study of turbulence in the ocean and atmosphere. It may sound terribly academic, but fluid mechanics is a field that lies at the heart of crucial environmental processes such as the vital recycling of oxygen and carbon dioxide, and the feeding methods used by tiny marine organisms essential for life in the oceans. Full story...

Shriver Hall Concerts poised for growth
As Jephta Drachman speaks, you get the sense that someone in the distance is waving a baton, bringing her from placid moments of rest to sudden passionate flourishes of both voice and hands.
   Perhaps growing up with renowned cellist Gregor Piatigorsky, Drachman's father, contributed in part to her particular cadence.
   Yet, it's the topic of chamber music specifically that elicits the most excitement from this current president of the Shriver Hall Concert Series' board of directors. And, according to Drachman, there's a lot to be excited about these days. Full story...

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