The Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 6, 1998

July 6, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 39

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Eight elected university trustees
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Lacrosse roads meet at Hopkins
   Right on the heels of the World Cup soccer matches in France, another international sporting event is about to begin. But this one is a lot closer to home.
   In a city and on a campus steeped in lacrosse tradition, Baltimore and Johns Hopkins will play host to the 1998 International Lacrosse Federation World Championship from July 15 to 25.
   Since late fall, Hopkins officials have been meeting with World Lacrosse '98 organizers in preparation for the games, which are expected to draw upward of 50,000 people to the Homewood campus and will be televised in 10 nations, making it the biggest lacrosse event in the history of the game. Full story...

Banking on safer drinking water
Bustling rivers such as the Mississippi and the Ohio are the source of drinking water for millions of Americans. But these rivers are likely to contain hazardous chemicals and pathogens that must be removed or neutralized before the water is safe for drinking.
   New research suggests that the soil alongside these channels could help with the cleanup.
   Drawing river water through the adjacent earth may strip away some unwanted pollutants, including harmful viruses, protozoa and bacteria, researchers at Hopkins believe. Full story...

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