The Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 20, 1998

July 20, 1998
VOL. 27, NO. 40

Donations set a record for third year in a row
Hospital again ranked No. 1 by 'U.S. News & World Report'
John Haus named men's lacrosse coach
Paul Lietman will head research component of Johns Hopkins Singapore
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The evolution of smarter dummies
Researchers at the Applied Physics Laboratory think they can learn a lot from a dummy, or at least more than what the dummy now tells them.
   A team of APL scientists, using existing technology, is helping the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration develop "smarter" crash test dummies that will be able to quickly and more accurately record injury-related data during automobile crash tests. Full story...

Riding the new wave of networking
At the School of Hygiene and Public Health just being able to surf the Net wasn't enough. Nowadays, windsurfing is all the rage.
   Promoting Internet access anytime, anywhere, the school has outfitted its buildings with NetWave transmitters that allow students and teachers with laptop computers to drive along the information superhighway without being connected to network wires.
   The wireless networking program, which utilizes technology similar to that used by portable phones, was piloted in the spring of 1997. Its installation was intended to free up congestion in the school's three computer labs and to assist electronic learning. It was also seen as an alternative to the costly hard wiring of the school's 80-year-old main building. Full story...

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