Johns Hopkins Magazine -- February 1997
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About Our "Related Sites" Feature
By Sue De Pasquale

Fascinated by something you ve read in one of our feature stories this issue? Interested in finding out more via the Web? Our writers offer some suggestions where to get started:

Raptor Romance: To hear sound bites of peregrine falcons, read the diary account of a falcon bander, and find out more about the Argos satellite system being used to track falcons.

The Brody Era Begins: To be a virtual visitor at the installation of Hopkins's 13th president.

Ejner's Hope: For sites dealing with such subjects as living with Parkinson's Disease, and support for caregivers.

Cultivate Mess: To visit a gallery of artwork by Hopkins students, monitor on-line conversations about art, and tap into gallery listings.

Ike's View of the 90s: For sites such as the Eisenhower Library in Abilene and the History Buff's Home Page.