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APRIL 2000


APRIL 2000
A Golden Celebration

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50th Anniversary Party
May 7, 2000
All photos by Bob Stockfield

Dozens of past and current staffers of Johns Hopkins Magazine, together with administrators and faculty members, gathered at the Evergreen House on May 7 for a 50th anniversary champagne fete. Some highlights, in pictures...

Founding Editor Corbin Gwaltney '44

Ronald Wolk, Hopkins Magazine editor from 1959-62

Bob Armbruster (editor, 1968-71) and wife Nancy chat with Elise Hancock (editor 1972-84), center.

(l to r) Lynn Jones, Bob Armbruster, Nancy Armbruster

Current senior writer Dale Keiger chats with Elise Hancock.

(l to r) Contributing writer/photographer Brian Simpson, senior writer Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson, senior writer Dale Keiger, and American Scholar editor Anne Faddiman.

Photographer Bill Denison horses around with art director Shaul Tsemach

Contributing writer Neil Grauer with Lynn and Ross Jones

Current editor Sue De Pasquale chats with one-time Time/Life fellow, author George Howe Colt.

(l to r) History professor Ron Wolk, photographer Craig Terkowitz, and senior science writer Melissa Hendricks.

(l to r ) Photographer Doug Barber, contributing editor Donna Shoemaker, Ron Walters, Neil Grauer, and Physics and Astronomy professor Cal Walker.

The early 70s crew,together again: designer Gerry Valeria, editor Bob Armbruster, and associate editor Rich Westcott.

(l to r) Dale Keiger and wife Marion Grant, Ron Wolk, Craig Terkowitz, Melissa Hendricks, and Corbin Gwaltney