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The Labyrinthine World of Les Harris
By Dale Keiger
A Baltimore artist who professes no interest in material reality has assembled a maze-like exhibit -- crammed with paintings, sculpture, and all manner of creative work -- that encompasses the entire history of art, from before the Egyptians to the present day.

Cool-Headed Ike
By Louis Galambos
Containment was not a strategy that many Americans in the 1950s found appealing. But President Dwight D. Eisenhower understood that if the United States and its allies resisted the temptation to shoot first and think later, they would eventually win the Cold War. He was right.

Subverting Sperm and Germs
By Michael Purdy
Biophysicist Richard Cone endured years of "funding black holes" in his quest to improve contraception for women and prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Now he and his colleagues may be on the brink of something big.

Youthful Lessons
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
The Peabody Institute hosts one of the most popular Elderhostel programs in the country. Meet a group of lively participants who are Elderhostel "veterans." They say that growing older is about taking risks and having fun.

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