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Endless possibilities

After reading "A Measured Response for Smallpox Vaccination Plan", illustrator Michael Morgenstern found himself wondering, Would I get my family vaccinated? "That's one of the things I like about illustrating -- I can get some very interesting perspectives from the articles I work with," says Morgenstern, whose clients range from Sony and Random House to The New York Times and The Washington Post. The artist works exclusively in Photoshop. "I love the endless possibilities of that software," says Morgenstern, who was one of 12 artists from around the world tapped by Photoshop-maker Adobe to illustrate its millennial calendar.

"Charged" by harsh encounters

Robert "Bud" Roper has written books on mountaineering and articles on outdoor topics for Men's Journal, Outside Magazine, and National Geographic Adventure. So writing about a group of Hopkins students who backpacked through the Adirondacks in January ("Cold Comfort") should have been pretty tame stuff, right? Nope. The student-led trip "very quickly came to resemble one of those Himalayan expeditions," says Roper, a visiting associate professor in The Writing Seminars and himself a climber. "I was amazed at how many of the students said afterward, 'I'm really charged to go out and do more of this stuff.'"

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