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Good Chemistry
By Maria Blackburn
Hopkins researcher and Nobel laureate Peter Agre was inspired by his scientific mentors. A favorite among students and colleagues, he's doing some inspiring himself.

Bestial Beauties
By Dale Keiger
Ariane and Christian Delacampagne's new book, Here Be Dragons: A Fantastic Bestiary, explores 50 centuries of griffins, chimeras, harpies, and other imaginary creatures.

Crafting Sound
Making a violin or cello takes practice, skill, and patience. With a musician's ear and a sculptor's touch, Peabody alumnus Ray Hardy is a master of his craft.

Peabody Opens to the Public
By Catherine Pierre
A plan to upgrade building systems turned into an ambitious, $26.8 million mission to establish Peabody as an anchor to Baltimore's arts community.

  Wholly Hopkins

Humanities: A Capital Experience

Students: Tuition Increase Held to Modest Levels

Research: Close Encounters of the Cardiovascular Kind

In Memoriam: Hopkins Mourns Husband/Wife Physicians

Libraries: Computer, Name That Tune

University: Hopkins Names New General Counsel

History: Forgotten Casualty Emerges From the Ashes

Policy: Fresh Ideas for a Safer Baltimore

Students: Student Investors Get Real

Anthropology: Finding Their Voices

International: Just Like Old Times

Students: Programming Skills Put to the Test

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