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Detecting a Cure
By Kristi Birch
In the war against cancer, molecular biomarkers hold out tantalizing promise. Johns Hopkins researchers are leading the charge.

Tsunami Relief, on the Front Lines
By Kathryn Hansen, MA '05
When the Indian Ocean tsunami hit South Asia, the Johns Hopkins community responded in full force — with donations, expertise, and assistance.

V is for Volunteering
By Maria Blackburn and Catherine Pierre
What do a Chinese lion, size 17 shoes, and a zucchini have in common? They're all part of our A to Z guide to Johns Hopkins volunteering.

Medicine Where They Need It Most
By Dale Keiger
Crossing the Thai border into Burma, the "backpack medics" risk their lives to provide health care to the besieged Karen.

Mother Knows Best
By Jim Duffy
Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, A&S '81, didn't get his Republican values from the Republican party. He got them from Mom.

  Wholly Hopkins

Wholly Hopkins: Matters of note from around Johns Hopkins

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Students: A second loss "too much to bear"

University: Hopkins scientists win presidential honor

Science: Paying attention? That's a switch

Research: Cancer research funds up in smoke?

Medicine: Nobel winner heads to Duke

Education: School mixes business with education

Sports: Women's b-ball goes 20-plus

University: African Americans' contributions

Technology: Think your car's secure?

Engineering: Chemical engineering goes bio

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