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John H. Allan, Med '33, keeps in touch with Max Schiebel, Med '33, of Durham, North Carolina. He writes: "The lesson that old age teaches is that to live a long time, one has to give up all those wonderful things that make one wish to live a long time."
   H. Max Schiebel, Med '33, still enjoys gardening, travel, swimming, and trap and skeet shooting.


Donald Hamilton Jr., A&S '39, is retired in Mexico, but is looking forward to a great 2003 lacrosse season.


Edward Suarez-Murias, Med '42, is the co-author of Underpinnings in Medical Ethics, published in October 1997 by Johns Hopkins Press. He enjoys playing tennis and golf.


Leroy Setziol, A&S '50, enjoys wood sculpting.


Carl Kupfer, Med '52, has stepped down from being the director of the National Eye Institute at the NIH. He is now preparing a collection of clinical-pathological cases to be displayed on the Internet for all to view.


Bruce G. Belt, Med '53, enjoys gardening, walking, reading, entertaining, and corresponding.
   Earnest Gloyna, SPH '51, Engr '53 (PhD), retired from the faculty at the University of Texas after 55 years.
   Paul Greengard, A&S '53 (PhD), who shared the 2000 Nobel Prize for medicine, is married to Ursula von Rydingsvard, one of the great contemporary American sculptors, with works on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum. Since 1983, Dr. Greengard has been the Vincent Astor Professor and director of the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research at Rockefeller University in New York. As head of the school's Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, he runs the $2 million Greengard Laboratory.
   Emery C. Herman Jr., Med '53, recently received the League of Women Voters 2002 Public Servant Award.


Larry C. Kerpelman, A&S '58, writes: "I retired last year as vice president and director of corporate communications of Abt Associates of Cambridge, Massachusetts, after 30 years with the firm. I've been spending my time since then traveling, writing, and volunteering. I'm keeping my hand in communications, though, by continuing to serve on the executive board of the International Association of Business Communicators."


Michael Lukens, A&S '59, is dean and academic vice president of St. Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin.


Roland Steven Summers, A&S '61, is a member of the Georgia Composite Medical Licensing Board and a state delegate to the AMA.


William P. Brandon, A&S '63, has been serving as president of the Charlotte chapter of the Peace Corps Association. He writes: "Since 9/11, I have turned my avocational interest in Central Asia, where I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Iran, into a partial vocational effort. I taught an undergraduate honors course, Understanding Central Asia: Society, Culture and Politics in Iran, Afghanistan, and the Neighboring Stans in Fall 2003."
   Frank Olenchak, SPSBE '63, is in his 53rd year of teaching -- the last 14 at Allen University in South Carolina.


Herbert Traxl, Bologna '65, former Austrian ambassador to Ethiopia, Iran, and India, has just moved to Bangkok and is now the Austrian ambassador to Thailand.


Kurt Bayer, Bologna '67, has been named executive director of the World Bank for Austria. He also represents Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, and Turkey.


W. Bruce Fye, A&S '68, Med '72, '78 (MS), is president of the American College of Cardiology, a professional society with 28,000 members. He is a cardiologist and professor of medicine and the history of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota.
   Donald F. Munson, A&S '68, is a Republican senator for District 2 in Washington County in Maryland. He serves on the Budget and Taxation Committee.


Carla Lofberg Seaquist, Bologna '69, SAIS '72, will have her play, The Washington-Sarajevo Talks, produced at the Festival of Emerging American Theatre 2003. She also writes op-eds on culture for the Christian Science Monitor. Her most recent article, "Behemoth in a Bathrobe," was in the February 4 edition. She reports that she and her husband, Larry, celebrated their 25th anniversary last year.
   Steven Oppenheimer, A&S '69 (PhD), is a trustees outstanding professor of the California State University system and director of the Center for Cancer and Developmental Biology at California State University. He was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is the author or co-author of about 200 publications.
   Nidra Poller, A&S '69 (MA), is a feature writer for the website The University of Illinois Press will be publishing her translation of Humanism of the Other by Emmanuel Levinas in August 2003.
   Carlo Trezza, Bologna '69, SAIS '70, was Italy's ambassador to South Korea from 1998 to 2002. He has now returned to the Foreign Ministry in Rome and is currently coordinator for security and disarmament policy. He is married to Eve Duval Trezza, SAIS '70, Bologna '71.


Richard Symonds, SAIS '69, Bologna '70, is a senior counsel with the legal department of the World Bank.


Susan K. McComas, A&S '74, is a Republican delegate for District 35B in Harford County in Maryland. She serves on the Judiciary Committee.


John Domini, A&S '75 (MA), is teaching creative writing and literature at Drake University. In May, his novel, Talking Heads: 77, will be published.
   Richard Friedman, A&S '75, is practicing radiation oncology and chairing the cancer committee at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center.
   Deborah Reff, A&S '75, works part time coordinating adult education for a temple and enjoys spending time with her five-year-old son.
   Margaret A. Reid, A&S '75 (MLA), has published Black Protest Poetry: Polemics from the Harlem Renaissance and the Sixties.


Cheryl Beversdorf, SPH '77 (MS), a registered nurse, has formed a new company known as Helen & Hilda's Health Plays. The company will produce plays to both inform and entertain audiences about important, timely health topics. For more information, visit
   Ann Racker Costello, Med '77, and her husband, John Costello, Med '78, have shared an internal medicine practice since 1982. They have three children: Rebecca, Tom, and Caitlin.
   Thomas Flygt, Med '77, has been singing as part of a male vocal quartet for 20 years. He still plays racquetball two to three times a week.
   Robert Harmon, SPH '77 (MPH), is president of the American College of Preventive Medicine.
   Andrew P. Harris, A&S '77, Med '80, PH '95 (MHS), is a Republican senator in Maryland's District 7, Baltimore and Harford County. He serves on the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee.
   Robert J. Linhardt, A&S '77 (MA), '80 (PhD), the 2003 recipient of the American Chemical Society's Hudson Award, will be leaving his position at the University of Iowa to be the constellation chair in biocatalysis at Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute.
   Warren Lovinger, Med '77, writes: "I continue to greatly enjoy the practice of medicine in our nice community after more than 22 years. I also enjoy a large variety of other non-medical activities and responsibilities. Our children are maturing, and three of them plan to be physicians."
   Stephen McPhee, Med '77, writes: "My penchant for differential diagnosis has transformed into a serious addiction for mystery novels. Maybe I'll give up textbook editing and work on mysteries instead! Our kids are growing up, but not as fast as we are growing old. Still, it's a fair trade."


Marion Damewood, Med '78, has been elected president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine for the
   2003-2004 term. She is a clinical professor of Ob/Gyn at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and an associate professor of Ob/Gyn at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
   Dennis Leaf, Bologna '78, SAIS '79, is a senior adviser to the director of the Office of Atmospheric Programs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He recently completed a one-year Capitol Hill Fellowship on the staff of Senator Joseph Lieberman, where he advised the senator on a variety of energy and environmental issues, including the Energy Policy Act of 2002.
   Richard Lewis, Med '78, has recorded a rock-and-roll CD, "Rick and the Arrythmics in Tacky Arrhythmia."
   JoAnn Rosenfeld, Med '78, is the author of three texts on women's health and is an assistant editor of BMJ USA.
   Robert F. Siliciano, Med '78, '83 (PhD), has been named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. He was one of 12 physician-scientists selected in the Spring of 2002 for their achievements in patient-oriented research. Dr. Siliciano is a professor of medicine and molecular biology and genetics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and will receive an annual research budget of up to $1 million from HHMI, plus funding for laboratory space to aid in his research on how to prevent or treat HIV infection through the development of new vaccines and drug therapies.
   Margaret Zuehlke, A&S '78, lives in Germany with her husband and seven children. They enjoy traveling throughout Europe, especially France and Switzerland.

A balloon release provided a festive start to Spring Fair at Homewood in 1979. For a behind-the-scenes look at this year's fair, turn to Wholly Hopkins.


Mark M. Wolkow, A&S '79, has been appointed to a five-year term on the Board of Education in Harford County, Maryland. He writes: "Instead of two kids to take care of, I now have 40,000." He also received the Distinguished Career Service Award at the U.S. Department of Labor, where he has worked since 1992.


Lee W. Shockley, A&S '80, residency director of the Denver Health Emergency Department, received the Residency Program Director of the Year Award for 2002 from the Emergency Medicine Resident's Association. The award recognizes a residency director who best exemplifies those qualities residents value in a mentor. Dr. Shockley has served as the residency program director for Denver Health's Residency in Emergency Medicine since 1995.


Rebecca Nan Bailey, A&S '81 (MA), is married to actor Ray Dooley. She wrote poetry this past year that appeared in the Atlanta Review and Carolina Quarterly.
   Bill Barto, A&S '81, was sworn in as an associate judge on the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals in December 2002. The court is located in Arlington, Virginia, and hears appeals from Army courts-martial. He writes: "I was recently also promoted to the rank of Colonel in the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps. My wife, Carol, and I live in Fairfax, Virginia, with our three children."
   Jonathan Cooper, Bologna '81, his wife, Mimi, and daughter Vivienne, welcomed Alexandra Miriam Cooper (8 pounds, 5 ounces) into the family last September 23.
   Michael Laposata, Med '81, '82 (PhD), is the director of Clinical Laboratories and a physician in the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He is also a professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School.


Chi-Van Dang, Med '82, was elected president of the American Society for Clinical Investigation.
   Michael A. Duff, A&S '82, has been named senior vice president and general counsel of Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P., a global transportation services provider headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania.


Cynthia Bearer, Med '83, writes: "I have a 5-year-old son who is adorable, and a husband with a family farm, so I now keep bees and horses. My career is thriving. I have a well-funded, busy lab, and I'll be getting tenure this year."
   Susan Weissfeld Hammerman, A&S '83, writes: "Some of you may not know that our friend and classmate, Dale Fike, A&S '83, passed away in 1996. As a lasting tribute to Dale's friendship, a group of us -- including Peter Berman, A&S '83, Helene Caloir, Engr '83, Tracy Coster, A&S '84, Richard Gibbs, A&S '83, Amir Halevy, A&S '83, and Diana Liu, A&S '83 -- have committed to help fund a $20,000 scholarship in memory of Dale. We are starting the fund in 2003, our 20th reunion year, and plan to have the scholarship fully endowed within five years, in time for our 25th reunion. For more information, please contact me at"
   Diana C. Liu, A&S '83, a partner at Wolf Block in Philadelphia, was designated by the University of Pennsylvania Law School as the I. Grant Irey Lecturer for the 2002-03 academic year.
   Ashvin Ragoowansi, A&S '83, is president of the Pennsylvania Neurosurgical Society. He and his wife, Beth, are expecting their fourth child.
   Britta Sjogren, Bologna '83, studied film at UCLA, where she received an MFA and PhD. Her first feature film, Jo-Jo at the Gate of Lions, was selected for the narrative competition at the Sundance Festival. Her next film, a small Domain, also premiered at Sundance, where it won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film. She is currently in the tenure track at San Francisco State University and is completing her second feature film, In This Short Life.


Donald C. Liu, A&S '84, chief of pediatric surgery at University of Chicago Children's Hospital, was recently interviewed by Chicago's NBC 5 and Fox 32 News about minimally invasive surgery for pectus excavatum, commonly known as funnel chest.
   Rossina Ramirez, SPH '84 (MS), is the editor-in-chief of the Philippine Journal of Ophthalmology, associate editor of the Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties, and head of the Ophthalmology Department at the University of Philippines College of Medicine.


James Hedreen, A&S '85, and his wife, Liz Guard, A&S '88, live in Madison, New Jersey, with their children, Mark, 7, Siri, 5, and Paul, 2.
   Ralph M. Hughes, A&S '85 (MA), is a Democratic senator for District 40 in Baltimore City. He serves on the Judicial Proceedings Committee.
   Gregory M. Wilkins, Engr '85 (MS), is on the faculty at Morgan State University but is off-campus this year, taking part in NASA's Administrator's Fellowship Program, which is sponsored by the United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation.


Jennifer Ayelstock Myhre, Med '88, SPH '01 (MPH), writes, "Since finishing residency Scott and I have been living in western Uganda, a few kilometers from the Congo border. We volunteer as consulting physicians in the local health center, but our focus is on public health. We returned for a study sabbatical at Hopkins in 2000-2001 and completed MPH degrees. Since returning to Uganda we have begun working on a program to introduce antenatal HIV testing and nevirapine therapy in this very rural setting. Our district has been disturbed by armed rebels since 1997 so we have also learned a bit about dealing with complex humanitarian emergencies, displacement, feeding programs, and the realities of living with political instability while raising a family."
   Mark Ellyne, SAIS '88 (PhD), is the resident representative for the International Monetary Fund in Zambia.
   Jamie Lynn Morris, Engr '88, writes: "I finished my reproductive and endocrine fellowship in June 2002, in Seattle, and moved back to New Jersey to join RMA as an infertility specialist."
   Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, A&S '87 (MA), is a Democratic delegate for District 10 in Baltimore County, Maryland. She serves on the Health and Government Operations Committee.
   John Pattaras, A&S '88, is an assistant professor of urology and director of minimally invasive surgery at the Emory University School of Medicine.


Lisa Dubicki Holley, Nurs '89, is a practicing CRNA (certified nurse anesthetist) in Oklahoma City, with two children, Jessica Ruth, 4, and Hunter Shane-Paul, nine months.
   Lisa Rosenberg, A&S '89, has been named a partner at the consumer practice of Porter Novelli in New York. She has developed and managed marketing communications for a wide variety of clients and has led the development and successful implementation of PN's client service proposition, Signature Service.


Michael Costa, Engr '90, completed his MBA at Villanova University in May 2002. He has two children: Meghan, 6, and William, 3.


Michele Cellai, Nurs '91, has completed her master's degree at the University of Maryland-Baltimore, equipping her to be an adult primary care nurse practitioner.
   Rama Mani, Bologna '91, SAIS '92, is senior strategy adviser at the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in Geneva. Rama has recently published a book, Beyond Retribution, Seeking Justice in the Shadows of War, which describes the transition from war to peace, and explains how issues of legal, political, and social justice are dealt with in post-conflict peace building.


William J. Frank, SPSBE '92 (MA), is a Republican delegate for District 42 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He serves on the Appropriations Committee.
   Amy Hungerford, A&S '92, '97 (MA), '00 (PhD), assistant professor of English at Yale University, has published The Holocaust of Texts, Genocide, Literature, and Personification (The University of Chicago Press, 2003).
   Jeremy Meilman, A&S '92, recently spent three years working in healthcare advertising in Johannesburg, South Africa. He returned to New York with his South African wife, Nicola Atherstone, and they are living in Greenwich Village. He continues his career in healthcare advertising by helping to start up BBDO Health Work, a division of BBDO Worldwide.


Eddie Tuvin, SPSBE '93 (MBA), and Venus (Alaei) Tuvin were married in Washington D.C. at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. They spent three weeks in the Hawaiian Islands celebrating their honeymoon. Eddie joined Temecula Valley Bank in early 2002. He was recently appointed to a two-year term as a District Advisory Council member in the Washington District of the United States Small Business Administration. He is currently serving his second term as a member of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Council.
   Christopher Woodhouse, Med '93, and his wife, Margaret, welcomed their son, Christopher, into the world on May 4, 2002.
   Robert A. "Bobby" Zirkin, A&S '93, is a Democratic delegate for District 11 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He serves on the Judiciary Committee.


Jennifer MacLean Baas, A&S '94, writes: "2002 was a busy year for me -- I moved to Pennsylvania, started a new job as the director of subscriber applications for Comcast's broadband service, and got married on December 7. Hopkins alumni who attended the wedding included Suzanne (Wallace) George, Engr '97, and Dr. Sanchayeeta Mitra, Engr '91. Sanchayeeta and I were also classmates in the inaugural class of the Columbia Business School Global Executive MBA Program, which we completed in January. Reach me by email at"
   Marlin Boothby, SPSBE '94, '96 (MS), received the American Business Women's Association Woman of the Year Award in 2003.
   Brenda Hall, Nurs '94, earned a master's in nursing from Villanova College of Nursing in December 2002.
   Shari (Rose) Lindars, A&S '94, and Paul Lindars were married on November 16, 2002, at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Jen (Geiger) Nisita, Engr '94, was a bridesmaid. Andrew Stephan, Engr '94, and Steve Muchow, Engr '91, also attended. Shari and Paul currently live in Dallas, where Shari is a fourth-grade teacher.
   Christopher B. Shank, A&S '94, is a Republican delegate for District 2B in Washington County, Maryland. He serves on the Judiciary Committee.


Marcela del Carmen, Med '95, has joined the staff of Kelly Gynecologic Oncology Services and now serves as an assistant professor in Johns Hopkins' Ob/Gyn department following a fellowship in gynecologic oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
   James Eldridge, A&S '95, was elected a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives this past November and was sworn in on January 1 to serve his district, which includes his hometown of Acton. You can contact him at
   Melanie Harris, A&S '95, SAIS '96, is living overseas, working as a Foreign Service officer for the Department of State. She is engaged to an Australian, Paul Higgins, who is a captain in the Australian Army Special Forces. She writes: "After almost five years living abroad, I am looking forward to returning to the U.S."
   Nelson J. Lee, A&S '95, moved to Houston a few years ago to be the director of oil trading at Duke Energy and has since taken a similar position with ChevronTexaco. He writes: "I encourage all my friends, acquaintances, and strangers who miss me terribly to drop me a line at"
   Jennifer Pontz, Nurs '95, is a nurse practitioner in the Breast Center at George Washington University. She received the Program Award from their Family Nurse Practitioner Program.


Robert Barnhouse, SPSBE '96 (MS), retired as the assistant chief of police in Montgomery County, Maryland, in May 2002. He is now president of Safety and Security Consultants in Silver Spring.
   Dawn Norris, A&S '96, married James Doak on September 14, in Cambridge Massachusetts. Bridesmaids included Farah (Pervez) Hoyt, A&S '96. Other Hopkins alumni in attendance were Jennifer DiPace, A&S '96; Neil Goyal, A&S '95; Tara (Wittrup) Moyer, A&S '95; MarLynn Perna, A&S '96, SAIS '97 (MA); Honore Lansen, A&S '96; and Leigh (Kowalski) Gresalfi, Engr '96.


Nathan, A&S '97, and Jennifer (Dowling) Carlson, Engr '98, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Anna Elizabeth on November 26. She joins big sister, Grace.
   Susan Leavitt, Bologna '97, SAIS '98, is a realtor in D.C. and Virginia (, and also teaches aerobics at the YMCA.


Rahul Anand, A&S '98, writes: "I graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 2002. Hopkins classmates included Evan Ellis, A&S '98, Chris Ciarallo, A&S '98, Katrina Rieflin, Engr '98, Mike Roh, A&S '98, Liz Kim, Engr '98 (MS), and Ed Chang, A&S '96. I am currently a first-year surgical resident at the University of Pittsburgh."
   Irene Arias, Bologna '98, SAIS '99, is on the staff of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). She works in the Small and Medium Enterprise Department as a business development officer, focusing mainly on countries in Africa and Latin America.
   Melissa Pavetto Murphy, A&S '98, married David J. Murphy, A&S '98, last June 15. Several Hopkins alumni attended, including Marlon Satchell, A&S '98; Christina Olson, Engr '98; Laurie Archbald, A&S '98; Aaron Pannone, A&S '98; John Schnakenberg, A&S '00; and Lance Harper, Engr '00. The couple now lives in New Jersey, where Dave is an internal medicine resident at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson. Melissa is finishing her PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Chris Baugh, A&S '99, married Amy Wirth, Engr '99, on March 11, 2003, in Maui. Chris and Amy are both currently at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is finishing medical school and starting the MBA program at Wharton Business School, and she is completing her BSN and working toward a master's degree in nursing.
   Carole Chapelier, Bologna '99, SAIS '00, has recently become president of Cercle Belge de Washington, D.C., a group of Belgians who gather in Washington to preserve their language, promote their culture, and have a good time.
   Felicia Schorr Lewis, Engr '99, married Derek Lewis, Engr '97, on June 22, 2002, in Pittsburgh.


Diane Digol, Bologna '00, is studying for her PhD at the European University Institute in Florence.
   Brian J. Feldman, A&S '00 (MA), is a Democratic delegate for District 15 in Montgomery County, Maryland. He serves on the Economic Matters Committee.
   Bekah Frank, Nurs '00, received her master's from Emory University School of Nursing in December 2001 and is working as a certified nurse-midwife in Georgia.
   Clare Maisano, A&S '00, writes: "I am now a student at the University of Maryland School of Law. I will be marrying Brian Razzaque, Engr '00, on October 12, in Connecticut."


Veronica Barcelona de Mendoza, Nurs '01 (MS), is a senior public health nurse in Family Health Services for Arlington County, Virginia. She is also active on the Domestic Violence Alliance for Arlington.
   Tara Harmer, A&S '01 (MS), is a post-doctorate fellow in the biology department at Harvard University.
   Michael Relf, Nurs '01 (PhD), a professor at the Georgetown University School of Nursing, authored a paper on the prevalence of battering victimization among gay men, published in the December issue of the American Journal of Public Health.


Michael Brennan, SAIS '02, is vice consul at the American Embassy in Peru.
   Brian J. Smigielski, A&S '02, is teaching physics at Sidwell Friends Upper School in Washington, D.C. for the 2002-03 school year. He plans to attend graduate school for a doctorate in physics upon completion of this academic year.

In Memoriam

1937: Landrum B. Shettles, A&S '37 (PhD), Med '43, a pioneer in in-vitro fertilization and experimental human reproduction, died on February 6. His distinguished career included developing several reproductive tests and techniques, which were among the most significant advances in infertility research. He received worldwide acclaim when his now famous pictures of development of the fetus were carried by Life Magazine. Later, those same pictures were displayed in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

1962: Gerald S. Goldberg, SAIS '62, an administrator at Pacific Hospital, died on January 15. He became Pacific Hospital's administrator in 1983, serving in that position until 1997, when the teaching hospital awarded him an honorary doctorate in humane letters. After the hospital was sold that year, he stayed as director of the Pacific Charitable Foundation, and became an adviser to Orthopedic Hospital in Los Angeles, where he later served on the board. He is survived by his wife.

1981: Stephen Barr, A&S '81, former editor and writer for the Johns Hopkins Gazette, has died. In addition to his position as senior contributing editor of CFO Magazine, he wrote articles for the Newark Star Ledger, The New York Times, New Jersey Monthly Magazine, and Crain's New York Business. His other great interest also began in Baltimore -- he was an avid Orioles fan and baseball lover. He coached and managed his son's Little League team for years in Metuchen, New Jersey, where he lived. He is survived by his wife, Rebecca, and son, Sam.

1982: Christopher Stewart Campbell, A&S '82, Engr '92 (MS), died on January 19 in Portland, Oregon. While at Hopkins, he co-founded the Progressive Student Union, which provided forums for debate on the political topics of the day. After graduation, he worked for ACORN in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and for Service Employees International in Louisiana as a labor union organizer. After earning his master's degree, he worked as a software engineer.

1985: Paul Novo Lao, A&S '85, died in November after a biking accident in California. He had been the director of critical care medicine at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center at Santa Rosa.

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