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The Big Question

Q: What Ruffles Your Feathers the Most?

Civil engineering major Sarah Huntting '04, the Johns Hopkins Blue Jay since Fall 2001.
Photo by Christopher Myers
A: "My biggest problem is the condition of the Blue Jay suit, which is at least 10 years old and is getting increasingly worse for wear. The head strap is missing, and sometimes when students get really rowdy during a big lacrosse game, they'll come up and steal my head. Then I have to chase them down. This is not as bad as it sounds because my Blue Jay feet are broken, so I get to wear tennis shoes, which makes running easier.

"Aside from that, I absolutely love being the Blue Jay. It can get pretty hectic. I'm there for every home football game, basketball game, and lacrosse game, and I often show up for fencing matches, club soccer tournaments, and track meets when people request it. I also represent Hopkins at off-campus events -- like the annual Mascot Mayhem held in Annapolis. I can spend upward of 30 hours a week in costume, and it's all volunteer.

"My favorite part is playing with the kids. The littlest ones like Patty-cake and Peek-a-boo best. (I have very poor visibility due to my beak; sometimes little kids come up and I can't see them and I've knocked a few of them down, but I usually am able to pick them up again.) If I'm walking through the stands at a lacrosse game, I'll sit down and pull a child onto my lap, or, when the band starts playing, I'll try to get them to dance with me. With the older ones, I'll throw the ball around.

"I can't wait to suit up again next year. I've got my fingers (or should I say feathers?) crossed, though, that I'll get a new suit by then."

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