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Wired into the campus scene

Sally McGrane, MA '03, had a considerable amount of writing experience under her belt when she signed on this spring as the magazine's Corbin Gwaltney Fellow. Before coming to The Writing Workshops at Johns Hopkins to earn her master's degree in non-fiction writing, she lived in California and freelanced (specializing in technology coverage) for The New York Times, Wired magazine, and Forbes ASAP. Our stories took her all over the university--from the streets of Charles Village ( "Saturday Night," February) to the golden bathroom of Evergreen House ( "Gilded Bath a TV Star," April). We'll miss Sally's quirky sense of humor and her knack for honing in on the offbeat.

An engaging read--and interview

"For me, the sign of a good book is when it engages the reader," says writer Gregg A. Wilhelm, who has been involved in book publishing (as an editor, company director, and marketing manager) for more than a decade. He is past president of the Mid-Atlantic Publisher's Association. With Devra Davis' new book When Smoke Ran Like Water, he says, "I found myself talking and even arguing with the book as I read it. Wow!" Wilhelm's interviews with Davis were equally as compelling, he says. "She pulled no punches. Her passion lies in taking science out of the lab and into the community to make a difference." --SD

Illustrator Stuart Bradford is based in California.
Photographer Mike Ciesielski (Cover, and "Not-So-Great Expectations") is based in Baltimore. Call him at 410-253-8274.
Writer Amy Cowles (Wholly Hopkins: Wholly Hopkins, "Cuts in State Aid Will Be Felt Across University," Datebook, and Your Other Life) is a media relations representative in the Office of News and Information. Contact her at
Photographer Bill Denison lives and works in Baltimore. Phone him at 410-823-0001.
Freelance writer Lavinia Edmunds (Vignette, and "A Whole Different Approach") lives and works in Baltimore. Contact her by e-mail:
Illustrator Gilbert Ford (Essay, "Under Control") lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Phone him at 347-452-4098.
Chris Hartlove ("Making Waves," and Wholly Hopkins: "Resolving Conflicts Face-to-Face") is a Baltimore-based photographer. To view his work and for contact information, visit
Illustrator Joyce Hesselberth (Wholly Hopkins: "Cuts in State Aid Will Be Felt Across University") can be reached through Spur Design LLC:
Tamara Hoffer (Wholly Hopkins: "A Better Handle on Frailty") is a Baltimore-based freelance photographer specializing in corporate and editorial portraiture. She can be reached at 410-383-2826, or by e-mail at
Photographer Sam Kittner ("Cutting Through the Smoke") lives in Tacoma Park, Maryland. Visit his website at
Illustrator Mike McConnell (Wholly Hopkins, "A Physicist, on Why Philosophy Matters") can be contacted via his website:
Freelance writer Eileen Murphy (Wholly Hopkins: "Resolving Conflicts, Face to Face") is based in Baltimore. Contact her by e-mail:
Photographer Christopher Myers ("The Big Question") lives and works in Baltimore. Visit his website at:
Michael Purdy ("Making Waves," and Wholly Hopkins: "A Better Handle on Frailty") is a media representative for the Office of News and Information at Johns Hopkins and a frequent contributor to Johns Hopkins Magazine. Contact him via e-mail at:
Photographer Jay Van Rensselaer ("A Whole Different Approach") directs the Homewood Photos Labs. Call him at 410-516-5332.
Illustrator Scott Roberts (Wholly Hopkins: "Curriculum Changes Are Key to Diversity in Engineering Education") is based in Bel Air, Maryland.
Freelance writer Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson (Wholly Hopkins: "Curriculum Changes Are Key to Diversity in Engineering Education") was formerly a senior writer at Johns Hopkins Magazine. Contact her via e-mail at:
Photographer Steve Spartana (Wholly Hopkins, "Reaching Out to China's Orphans") lives in Sparks, Maryland. He can be reached via e-mail at Or visit his website:
Gregg A. Wilhelm ("Cutting Through the Smoke") writes from Baltimore. Contact him via e- mail:

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