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The Gospel According to Manuel
By Dale Keiger
Each summer, promising young guitarists from around the world come to learn at the hands of the master, Peabody's Manuel Barrueco.

Inevitable Fate
By Geoff Brumfiel (MA '01)
Journey back 500 years to a time of gallantry and gout, with our Cliff Notes version of Renaissance Anatomy.

Dorm Living 2001
By Mary Mashburn
The bunk beds and wooden desks may look the same as you remember, but the electronica won't. Our guide to the "must-haves" among Hopkins student dorm dwellers.

A Day in the Life of the "Creative Chrysalis"
By Barbara Kiviat '01
Inside the spacious studios of the new Mattin Center, undergraduates are finding the inspiration to let their creative sides unfold.

The Rollicking Life of the Roly-Poly
By Michael Purdy
What do pill bugs and lobsters have in common? More than you'd think, says researcher Katalin Szlavecz, who has found her niche in the ecology of isopods.

Pregnant Pause
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
Serious illnesses don't go away for women during pregnancy, yet precious little is known about what drugs are safe to take.

  Wholly Hopkins

Medicine: Tragedy and turmoil

Solar Science: Fair forecast for APL

University: WJHU-FM on the sales block

Nursing: Hill takes the helm--for now

Politics: The language of capitalism

Music: Showtime in Baltimore

Health: "Safe sex" no longer chic?

Technology: Fetch me my book

Lacrosse: Jays fall to the Irish

Books: Doom and gloom on the culture front

In Memoriam: Astronomy loses a pioneer

Space: The great comet chase

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Johns Hopkins
September 2001

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