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A poignant day at Arlington

"It was very sad," says photographer Sam Kittner of his cover shoot at Arlington National Cemetery on September 29. APL's Ron Vauk, killed at the Pentagon on September 11, left behind a wife, Jennifer, due in November, and a 3-year-old son. In the midst of all the pain, says Kittner, Jennifer Vauk "held herself with a sense of pride and resolve that was just inspiring." Kittner, whose work has appeared in Forbes, Newsweek, Time, and National Geographic, made a surprising discovery when his film returned from the lab: In several frames the burned-out portion of the Pentagon can be seen in the background.

Camelot revisited

Anne Garside, author of Camelot at Dawn, says she's been enthralled by Orlando Suero's photographs of young Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy for more than a decade, since the Peabody Institute acquired the collection from Max Lowenherz. "They've been in my consciousness for so many years, I have developed a real empathy for [the couple] that no doubt seeps into my text," says Garside, longtime public information director at Peabody. Suero's photographs, in an exhibition underwritten by Mercantile-Safe Deposit & Trust Company, will be on display at Hopkins's Evergreen House April 7 to June 30. The exhibition is a project of The Friends of Peabody. --SD

Photographer Sam Kittner (cover photo) lives in Tacoma Park, Maryland. Visit his website at
Writer Anne Garside ("Camelot at Dawn") is the public iinformation director at Hopkins's Peabody Institute. Contact her via e-mail at
Writer Emily Carlson ("Hunger For a Glorious Future!") is a science writer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Contact her via e-mail at
Alia Malek ("Ruminations") is a civil rights attorney for the Department of Justice.
Science writer Michael Purdy ("The Weird, Weird World of DNA") is a media relations officer on Hopkins's Homewood campus. Contact him via e-mail at
Writer Greg Rienzi ("Your Other Life") writes for the Johns Hopkins Gazette. Contact him via e-mail at
Writer Kate Pipkin ("Addressing a Hidden Killer in South Africa") heads the public information office at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Contact her via e-mail at
Illustrator Wesley Bedrosian (Wholly Hopkins) lives in New York City. To view his work and for contact information, visit
Photographer Mike Ciesielski ("Hunger For a Glorious Future!") lives and works in Baltimore. Call him at 410/662-7501.
Photographer Bill Denison ("The Weird, Weird World of DNA") lives and works in Baltimore. Call him at 410/823-0001.
Chris Hartlove (Wholly Hopkins) is a Baltimore-based photographer. To view his work and for contact information, visit
Photographer Mark Lee ("The Big Question") is based in Baltimore and can be reached by calling 410/663-3268.
Photographer Marshall Clarke ("Your Other Life") lives in Butler, Maryland. He can be reached by calling 410/771-4698.
Illustrator Wally Neibart (Essay, "Giving Thanks") lives in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Call him at 215/635-0487.
Photographer Jay Van Rennselaer directs the Homewood Photos Labs. Call him at 410/516-5332.

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