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Visual Solutions
Drawing on Big Ideas

"Illustration is 90 percent concept; the other half is craftsmanship," says Michael Gibbs, who illustrated this issue's cover story, "Political Science." Gibbs, who has worked as an illustrator for more than 20 years, is skilled in both. He was awarded a gold medal in the 2004 Spectrum Illustration Annual, and his work has appeared in such magazines as Newsweek, Worth Magazine, and Consumer Reports. "One of the cool things about being an illustrator is that every assignment comes from a different field," he says. "It's opera one week, dead bodies the next." Gibbs, the father of a kindergartener and a fourth grader, lives in Northern Virginia with his family.

A Picture, Plus a Thousand Words

Gérard DuBois, who illustrated "HIPAA, Heal Thyself" in this issue, was inspired to use text in his work by the Russian collages of the last century. DuBois, who has worked as an illustrator since 1991, says the words allow him to keep his images simple and avoid being didactic. "I don't think the image has to say exactly the same thing as the text," explains DuBois. "It gives something else to readers." DuBois lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. His illustrations have appeared in such publications as Readers Digest, Rolling Stone, and The Wall Street Journal, and he is currently working on a number of projects, including a children's book.

A Good-Natured Fix

Assigned to shoot nature photographer Laura Vernon-Russell for "Your Other Life," Bill Denison imagined her on the beach, the wind in her hair, the ocean behind her. It didn't work out — their schedules couldn't mesh. Instead the two met up on Vernon-Russell's deck in Patterson Park. Lucky for Denison, Vernon-Russell collects items she's found washed up on shore, so she had lots of beachy props. Fortunately, Denison enjoys a challenge. "I like turning a sow's ear into a silk purse, I guess," he says. Denison, who lives in Baltimore, has been a professional photographer for almost two decades and has shot for the U.S. Postal Service, Linens N' Things, and the University of Chicago. — MB

Photographer Mike Ciesielski ("Small Wonders") is based in Baltimore. Call him at 410-253-8274.
Photographer John Davis ("The Big Question") is based in Baltimore. Contact him by calling 410-241-2767.
Photographer John Dean (Wholly Hopkins: "Vignette") is based in Baltimore. You can reach him through his Web site,, or at 410-243-8357.
Photographer Bill Denison ("Your Other Life") lives and works in Baltimore. Phone him at 410-823-0001.
Illustrator John S. Dykes (Wholly Hopkins "Adding Up Good Vibrations") can be reached through his Web site,
Illustrator Gérard DuBois ("HIPAA, Heal Thyself") lives in Montreal, Quebec. Contact him via his Web site at
Illustrator Michael Gibbs ("Political Science") lives in Clifton, Virginia. Contact him at 703-502-3400 or through his Web site at
Will Kirk '99 ( "Marginal Crimes" and Wholly Hopkins: "Hopkins Mourns Paul H. Nitze" and "Food, Fun, and Silliness on an Autumn Weekend") is a photographer for Homewood Photographic Services. E-mail him at
Photographer Sam Kittner ("Freshman Sampler") is based in Takoma Park, Maryland. Visit his Web site,
Christopher Myers (Wholly Hopkins: "Reading the Needs of Greater Homewood Neighborhoods) a Baltimore-based photographer. To see more of his fine art images, go to
Illustrator Wally Neibart ("Essay") is a cartoonist based in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. He can be reached at 215-635-0487.
Christine A. Rowett ( Wholly Hopkins: "Theater Program Finds a Home" and "Reading the Needs of Greater Homewood Neighborhoods") is a freelance writer living in Catonsville, Maryland. She may be reached at
Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson ("Marginal Crimes") was formerly a senior writer at Johns Hopkins Magazine. Contact her via e-mail at
Photographer Keith Weller ( "Separate Fates" and "HIPAA, Heal Thyself") is based in Columbia, Maryland. He can be reached via e-mail at:

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