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Leading the Way
By Jim Duffy
For 25 years, the Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing's humane approach to research has not only spared animals, but improved science.

This is Betty Dylan
By Dale Keiger
Maybe you've never heard of the alt-punk-country band Betty Dylan. But this Writing Sems grad and his wife are making raucous music together.

It Takes a Village — Charles Village — to Make a College Town
By Maria Blackburn
For Johns Hopkins students, a recent building boom in the campus neighborhood might be just the thing to make Homewood feel like home.

The Accidental Pundit
By Michael Anft
Johns Hopkins political science professor Matthew Crenson didn't set out to be the go-to guy for media covering local elections. But his phone keeps ringing.

  Wholly Hopkins

Wholly Hopkins: Matters of note from around Johns Hopkins

Research: Hopkins researcher wins Lasker

Research: Nobel in medicine goes to Andrew Fire

Sports: A win for the team, a record for its coach

Medicine: In kids, sleep apnea has lasting effects

University: Ten years at Hopkins' helm

Public Health: Studies address lead paint problems

Chemical Engineering: Student gets the hang of it

Students: Computers tackle plagiarism

Clinical Research: Just what is "full disclosure"?

Books: Alice McDermott on suffering and heroism

Mathematics: Minimal surfaces aren't child's play

Music: Ben Franklin's refined, and ribald, songs

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Contributors to the November Issue
Ruminations: The Phenomenal Universe
The Big Question: Have You Finished Your Holiday Shopping?
The Big Picture: Sophie's Choice
Editor's Note: Considering Humane Science
Essay: Sing Out
Alumni Notes and Awards
Alumni News
Your Other Life: Hands-On Experience

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