Saman Karimi


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I am a geophysicist and my research has two main folds: Energy and Planets! Part of my work is dedicated to exploring the thermal budget of earth’s crust geared toward enhancing the efficiency of geothermal system. I use numerical modeling to simulate geothermal systems, assess their power output and economic viability. I am an inventor of a new geothermal system (GenaSysTM) with the highest longevity and a remarkable steady power production. Other part of my research seeks to better understand the thermal/structural evolution of planetary bodies. I use numerical modeling to simulate lithosphere deformation and use it to constrain the thermal and geologic history of other planets.
Currently, I am a Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University. I finished my Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Chicago where I worked with Prof. Andrew Dombard as my adviser. My dissertation title: The Thermal and Structural Evolution of Planetary Bodies.

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Thanks to all the organizations that support my research:
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