Workshop 1: Quantum Biology for Quantum Sensing and Information Processing

Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore, MD | February (12) 13-14, 2020

About the Workshop

This workshop is part of an NSF Conceptualization Grant and aims to form a strong team of collaborators to plan for a future Challenge Institute proposal at the nexus of biological systems and quantum science. We envision a future Challenge Institute dedicated to study non-trivial quantum phenomena, such as electronic and spin coherences, tunneling, and entanglement in noisy and complex biological environments, with the goal of assessing their role in biological processes. The challenge, as we see it, would be to connect such non-trivial quantum phenomena to the meso- and macro-scopic scales. To achieve this, we would need to observe, manipulate, and control non-trivial quantum phenomena at the nano-scale and observe correlated responses at the meso- and macro-scale. With a combined theoretical and experimental multi-scale approach, such fundamental research will lead to optimized and bio-inspired quantum sensing technology, which in turn can open new avenues for quantum information processing and medical applications. We will explore intersections between condensed matter and biological systems and the use of quantum information tools as possible means to study quantum biological processes, as well as the application of synthetic biology tools for mimicking and optimizing quantum sensitivity. Non-trivial quantum effects in hybrid device architectures will be also explored for information processing and medical applications. This workshop intends to bring together interested scientists from across disciplines — physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and quantum information science — to discuss this challenge and join efforts. Collaborations with national laboratories, current NSF-sponsored centers, and international partners will be explored as well.


The Quantum Biology for Quantum Sensing and Information Processing workshop starts on the evening of February 12 with a kick-off event at the workshop guest hotel.

Workshop Guest Hotel

Hotel Indigo Baltimore Downtown

24 West Franklin Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Notes: Any changes to your reservation must be done with Sara Bradley as the reservation desk will not have access to the workshop block of rooms until check-in. Hotel to be paid directly by the workshop.
Hotel/Campus transportation shuttle information will follow.

Stay includes continental breakfast starting at 6:30 am.

Indigo Hotel Parking

Self-parking is located in the city-owned garage across the street from the hotel at 15 W Franklin Street. Guests will receive a round token from the garage upon entry and will need to bring the token to the Front Desk to be validated. Once validated the guest can use the same token to exit the garage.

JHU Parking

The closest parking garage to The Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy is San Martin Parking garage located off San Martin Drive across from the West Gate entrance to the University. See Sara Bradley for parking vouchers for free parking (to use on exiting the garage). JHU Directions and Maps

Workshop Schedule

February 12: Evening get-together for available attendees at the Hotel Indigo Baltimore Downtown, 6:30-9 pm
February 13: Full day of workshop talks and discussion
February 13: Workshop Dinner at The John Hopkins Club following workshop
February 14: Full day of workshop talks and discussion scheduled to end approximately 5:30 pm
The full agenda can be found here.

Workshop Location

JHU Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy, Room 462
JHU Directions and Maps

Shuttles and MARC Train (Penn Station)

We will have a shuttle for transport to the workshop location at JHU both mornings and returning to the hotel after dinner on 02/13. An additional shuttle will be available at the close of the workshop at 5:30 pm to take attendees to Penn Station in Baltimore to get the train back to BWI, PLEASE RSVP FOR THIS LAST SHUTTLE. If flying into BWI, the quickest way to get to the hotel is to take the train to Penn Station and then a car to the Indigo Hotel.


Please RSVP for the following workshop events/services:
02/12/20 Evening Event at the Indigo Hotel 6:30-9 pm
02/13/20 Workshop Dinner
02/14/20 5:30 pm shuttle to PENN Station

For questions, please contact the workshop coordinator, Sara Bradley .


Johns Hopkins University

Howard University

Advisory board

Workshop Participants

  • Shabir Barzanjeh, U. of Calgary, Canada – remote via Zoom
  • David Beratan, Duke University
  • Bernard Brooks NIH/Laboratory of Computational Biology
  • Fangyu Cao, George Mason University
  • Luca Celardo, BAUP, Mexico
  • Paul Champion, Northeastern University
  • Christian Dwyer, Arizona State University
  • Maria Emelianenko, George Mason University
  • Peter Hore, Oxford University, UK – remote via Zoom
  • Fedor Jelezko, University of Ulm, Germany – remote via Zoom
  • Michael Jones, NIH/Laboratory of Computational Biology
  • Judith Klinman, UC, Berkeley – remote via Zoom
  • Ben Lawrie, Oak Ridge National Laboratory – remote via Zoom
  • François Léonard, Sandia National Labs in Livermore, CA
  • Wolfgang Losert, University of Maryland
  • Hans Malissa, University of Utah
  • Peter Maurer, University of Chicago
  • Vladimiro Mujica, Arizona State University
  • Lev Murokh, Queens College, NY
  • William Petuskey, Arizona State University
  • Oleg Poluektov, Argonne National Laboratory – remote via Zoom
  • Thorsten Ritz, UC, Irvine
  • Mike Wasielewski, Northwestern University
  • Michele Vittadello, Medgar Evers College at CUNY
  • Patrick Vora, George Mason University

Johns Hopkins University

  • Peter Armitage
  • Joel Bader
  • Ishan Barman
  • Collin Broholm
  • Brian Camley
  • Yun Chen
  • Ana Damjanovic
  • Joan Hoffmann
  • Thomas Kempa
  • Yi Li
  • Jian Liu
  • Tyrel McQueen
  • Maria Procopio
  • Gregory Quiroz
  • Mark Robbins
  • Francesca Serra
  • Sean Sun
  • Oleg Tchernyshyov
  • Lina Tewala

Howard University

  • Muneer Abbas
  • Michaela Amoo
  • Hyung Bae
  • Preethi Chandran – remote via Zoom
  • Pratibha Dev
  • Georgia Dunston
  • Matteo Gori
  • Samaresh Guchhait
  • Philip Kurian
  • Kim Lewis
  • Thomas Searles
  • William Southerland
  • Su Yan