Shoumitro Chatterjee

Development Economics - Eco 570 (PhD Level)

Considers theory and evidence to explain processes of economic development; examines the linkages between development and poverty, inequality, and social institutions. Topics of discussion include the demographic transition, health, nutrition, agriculture, trade, and development policy.

Current Research in Trade and Development (PhD Reading Group)

Introduces students to the frontier of topics at the intersection of trade and development.

Advanced International Trade - Eco 433 (Undergraduate Level)

The course provides a survey of leading theories of international trade. The goal is to help students acquire the ability to analyze the causes and consequences of international trade and globalization. Then it proceeds to examine recent policy debates through the lens of these theories. The last quarter of the course exclusively focuses on exposing students to recent empirical papers in international trade and development.

Urban Economics - Eco 432 (Undergraduate Level)

A large fraction of the world's population and economic activity is concentrated in cities. Why do cities exist? Why do some locations emerge as cities and not others? What shapes their structure, size, and long-run success? Why is economic activity arranged inside a city? How do one's place of birth and their neighborhood influence later in life outcomes? How do different policies influence the welfare of those living in cities? This course aims to answer some of these questions by analyzing cities as economic systems using both theoretical and empirical tools. The course's theory side covers a standard set of urban models describing both the structure of cities and how they interact as part of larger national economies. The empirical side of the course introduces students to recent academic papers on cities.