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Tuition Payment
Payment must accompany the registration materials and may be made by check, credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex), tuition remission, or employer pay authorization. To pay by credit card you may use the online option or fax in the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Please note that students are eligible for financial aid only if they enroll in two or more courses per term. Hopkins employees must check with their division's Human Resources Office to determine the remission dollars available to them for the term. If students need a receipt for the classes they are attending they may go to Student Receipt Form or contact the Office of Student Accounts at 410-516-8158.

Late Registration
Registration after the start of classes is possible until the day of the second class meeting. A late registration fee is assessed in this circumstance. Late registration will be handled between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Students can call (202) 452-1940 so that a Part-Time Graduate Programs representative can either help them over the phone or meet them at the appropriate site for assistance.

Graduation Fee
The graduation fee is $100 and is payable upon receipt of a bill from the office of Student Accounts.

Refund Policy
Refunds apply only to the tuition portion of a student's charges and are calculated from the date the student's "add/drop" form is received in one of the part-time programs offices. Telephone withdrawals are not accepted. Refunds are not applicable to any fees. Refunds are not granted to students suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons. Refunds for graduate and undergraduate tuition are made in accordance with the Refund Schedule for the academic year.