The Johns Hopkins Gazette: April 30, 2001
April 30, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 32


Human Services Offices to Merge at Easter

Beginning May 14, all programs for employees will be located in one spot

By Greg Rienzi
The Gazette

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Whether you're looking for information on child care, career counseling or any of the many other personnel services provided to employees, as of May 14 you will have a new place to look.

The various units of Human Resources' Office of Human Services are relocating to Johns Hopkins at Eastern, situated on East 33rd Street across from the former Memorial Stadium site.

Housed for the first time under one roof are the Career Management Program, Center for Training and Education, Faculty & Staff Assistance Program, Organization Development & Diversity Programs and WorkLife Programs. Prior to the move the various units dwelled separately in the Wyman Park Building and offices on and around the Homewood campus.

Richard Kilburg, senior director of the Office of Human Services, says the move will improve the department's organizational development and enhance its ability to serve the university population.

"For those who use our services, it will now be one-stop shopping," Kilburg says. "We plan to get a lot of synergy out of having our staff all in one place."

The 200,000-square-foot Johns Hopkins at Eastern is located less than a mile from Homewood and three miles from the JHMI campus. Opened in March, the renovated 62-year-old building has been retrofitted with new offices, several passenger elevators, new lighting, a fiber optic network connected to Homewood and a roof-mounted, wireless microwave dish for the transmission of telecommunications voice and data signals.

"These are wonderful new facilities," Kilburg says, adding that Human Services will soon expand its programs in order to take full advantage of the new space.

Free shuttle service is provided between the Homewood and Johns Hopkins at Eastern campuses, and between the Eastern and JHMI campuses. The shuttle provides departures from each location every 20 minutes. For schedules, go to

Human Services joins the Controller's Office and Treasurer's Office, which are already ensconced at the new facility, along with the first section of Hopkins Information Technology Services.

Jerry Bridges, university controller, says the transition of his office from Homewood's Garland Hall to Eastern has been a smooth one. He describes the building as "bright," "cheerful" and "amazingly quiet."

"Our staff is delighted to be here; they are really elated with the space. We are not crammed in on top of one another like before," Bridges says. "The shuttle makes the building very convenient to get to, and parking is certainly not a problem."

University offices scheduled to move to Eastern later this year include Hopkins Internal Audits and additional segments of Hopkins ITS. The first nonuniversity occupant of the facility will be the Independent College Fund of Maryland, which currently occupies offices in the WJHU building at 2216 N. Charles St.

To contact the various units of Human Services on and after May 14, dial the existing office extension preceded by the new area code, 443, and new exchange, 997. For example, 410-516-0000 would change to 443-997-0000.