Thoi Research Group

  • Using Molecular Interactions 
in Materials Development for Energy Solutions
  • Tuning Chemical Environments in Catalysis for Mechanistic Insights

Welcome to the Thoi Research Group

The Thoi Research Group uses fundamental understanding in ion transport and catalysis to target critical concerns in fuel cells, batteries, and solar fuels. We will develop a new suite of molecular framework materials, porous 3D scaffolds, and catalysts for energy conversion and storage.

Molecular Materials for Energy Storage

Metal and Covalent Organic Frameworks are tunable materials that have high thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability. Their extraordinary porosity and crystallinity makes them ideal for long-range ion transport necessary in fuel cells and batteries

Small Molecule Activation and Catalysis

The sun is an endless supply of "free" energy. To tap into this plentiful resource, we will use solar energy to drive reactions for chemical synthesis and fuel generation by designing molecular and heterogeneous catalysts on porous carbon and metal hybrid scaffolds.

Latest News

February 2017

The Thoi Group welcomes our newest undergradauate student, Gabrielle, to the team!

November 2016

Congratulations to Allie for winning "Crowd Favorite" and second place "Best Concept" at the INTB Undergraduate Poster Session. Allie also presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium last month!

The Thoi Group mentors 3rd graders on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Pimlico Elementary School in Baltimore City through the SABES afterschool program.

October 2016

We welcome David Burns, a 1st year graduate student, and Sam Goldschmid, a freshman, to the Thoi Group!

September 2016

The Thoi Group volunteered with the Chemistry Department at the President's Day of Service and revitalized a city garden in the C.A.R.E Community!

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