Thoi Research Group

  • Using Molecular Interactions 
in Materials Development for Energy Solutions
  • Tuning Chemical Environments in Catalysis for Mechanistic Insights

Group Outreach

Ongoing Efforts

Spring 2018

Thoi Group Performs Outreach with ChemDNA!

David, Avery, and ChemDNA go to Mt. Royal Elementary School to judge science fair projects and Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women to show chemistry demos!

Fall 2017

Thoi Group Goes to Dr. Bernard Harris, Sr. Elementary School for SABES

Avery leads a SABES team with David, Jose, Sara, and members of the Kempa Group to Dr. Bernard Harris, Sr. Elementary School to mentor 3rd and 4th graders.

Sara, Jose, and David help 4th graders engineering roller coasters, while Avery and Eric help 3rd graders build cardboard houses!

Thoi Group gets involved in ChemDNA

Members of the Thoi Group take aim at fostering an inclusive environment for undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers in the Chemistry Department through ChemDNA, a student-run organization (with Sara as the faculty advisor) that focuses on broadening diversity in STEM.

President's Day of Service

The Thoi Group returns to PDOS 2017 for the third year in a row! David leads Avery, Jose, and Sara to Cylburn Arboretrum for weeding and mulching the gardens.

Spring 2017

Thoi Group checks out the SABES STEM Showcase!

Our third graders at Pimlico present to the public on their innovative solution to a hole in their school fence.

Thoi Group demonstrates the wonders of chemistry to 3rd and 4th graders at Pimlico!

Avery, David, and Sara explain the states of matter, using dry ice, liquid nitrogen, balloons, and a clementine.

Fall 2016

Thoi Group gets involved in Baltimore City!

The Thoi Group mentors 3rd graders from Pimlico Elementary School in a weekly SABES afterschool program aimed at promoting STEM literacy in high-need urban neighborhoods.

The students pose in front of their posters on engineering a cane toad trap at their STEM showcase.

President's Day of Service

Avery leads Xu, Sara, and the Chemistry Department to the C.A.R.E Community to weed their garden and level the walking path to make it more friendly for the elderly. This garden was adopted by the locals from the city of Baltimore to help revitalize the 150+ vacant lots in the area. Learn more on how to help this community!

Spring 2015

President's Day of Service

Avery and Sara with the Chemistry Department helped the C.A.R.E Community pick up trash off the streets. This community has one of the highest number of vacancies in Baltimore.

Yes, that is a dead rat on the shovel!