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System Overview

Purchase Order (PO) Maintenance is the University's Web-based system designed to cancel encumbrances, transfer encumbrances, or make changes or cancellations to open purchase orders. PO Maintenance enables University faculty and staff to request changes to open POs and submit them via the Internet for Supply Chain Shared Services to process. PO Maintenance is the quickest and most efficient means of submitting purchase order change and cancel requests to Supply Chain Shared Services. Use of the PO Maintenance system reduces errors and ensures that information necessary to process any change to a current purchase order is accurately provided. This system eliminates an e-mail, fax, or written request to Supply Chain Shared Services for encumbrance cancellations and transfers, or PO changes and cancellations.

To access Purchase Order Maintenance, go to the eProcurement main menu and click on the Purchase Order Maintenance section of the screen. Login with your JHED User ID and Password and choose one of four options, (Cancel Encumbrances, Transfer Encumbrances, Change a Purchase Order, Cancel a Purchase Order) enter your change, and submit your maintenance request to Supply Chain Shared Services. You will receive an email confirmation that your request is added to SCSS's list of cancels and changes. When SCSS completes your request, you will be notified via email that the change has been made.

*NOTE: PO Maintenance should be used only for completed purchase orders. Do not use this system if your purchase requisition is in WebReq and the status is Sent to Purchasing, Sent to Cosigner, or Kept. Any changes to purchase requisitions should be completed through the WebReq Manage Requisitions section. More information about modifying requisitions is available in the WebReq User Guide.

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