The Johns Hopkins Gazette: February 5, 2001

February 5, 2001
VOL. 30, NO. 20

NEAR mission meets its science goals
Landmark news ticker lights up SPSBE's new Downtown Center
Hopkins History: Rachel Carson, marine biologist and writer
President Brody to address university on Commemoration Day
125 Ways of Caring: Scrapbook
Engineering School begins online courses for Part-Time Programs
Heartfest 2001
Baltimore City schools veteran to head Project SITE SUPPORT
Job Opportunities
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Student arts center opens
On an unseasonably warm February afternoon, students drift through the enclosed courtyard of the new student arts center. Like tourists inspecting a landmark, they point their fingers and twist their heads in every direction, careful not to miss a detail of the three-winged facility.
   The triangular granite steps that lead upward into campus elicit a vote of "cool" from one passerby. A pair of students poke their heads into the Studio Theatre, where one day soon they will come to enjoy a play, or perhaps perform in one themselves. Many just stop and pause in the middle of the courtyard to soak the space in. Each of them smiles with the awareness of two truths.
   It's here. It's theirs. Full story...

Institute for Cell Engineering is launched
With a $58.5 million gift from an anonymous donor, the School of Medicine is launching an Institute for Cell Engineering, fostering research that not long ago would have been marked as science fiction.
   The new institute's scientists will focus on selecting, modifying and reprogramming human cells, molding them into therapeutic transplants for everything from Parkinson's, ALS and diabetes to heart failure, stroke and spinal cord injury.
   The institute, which will be multidisciplinary, is believed to be the first initiative of its kind at an academic center. Its mission is to develop core technologies enabling application of curative approaches to specific human diseases. Full story...

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