The Johns Hopkins Gazette: June 9, 2003

June 9, 2003
VOL. 32, NO. 37

Drug design expert sets sights on SARS
JHU honors Rawlings
New CTY program designed to develop civic leaders of tomorrow
A visit from Maryland's first lady
Researchers find antidepressant significantly reduces hot flashes
Saluting Dean Ilene
Hot gas around cold cloud surprises astronomers
Long-term staff and recent retirees honored with banquet
Three JHU students selected as Jack Kent Cooke scholars
Job Opportunities
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Biz systems en route to overhaul
One year ago this month, the university and health system asked whether or not the Johns Hopkins enterprise could benefit from, and realistically tackle, a massive and unprecedented overhaul of its business administration systems. Hardly a let's-do-it-over-a-weekend sort of endeavor, the project was more akin to transforming a sleepy New England town into Silicon Valley.
   A Herculean task? No doubt. Doable? Yes. In fact, to quote a shiny-domed captain of a starship named Enterprise, the official answer from senior JHU and JHHS administration in regard to proceeding with the proposed overhaul was a unanimous and resounding "Make it so." Full story...

SPH gets $40 million Gates grant
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced last week a $40 million commitment to the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health to build capacity for population and reproductive health programs in the developing world, where unintended pregnancies and unsafe childbearing are a major cause of illness and death.
   The grant will significantly increase funding for the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, which trains leaders of reproductive health programs in developing countries; conducts reproductive health research; and transfers program technology, models and practices. Full story...

JHU appoints first associate provost for animal research
Christian Newcomer, a prominent veterinarian and specialist in laboratory animal medicine, has been appointed The Johns Hopkins University's first associate provost for animal research and resources, responsible for universitywide planning and other issues relating to research using animal subjects.
   Newcomer, who joined Johns Hopkins on May 21, had previously served for two years as director of the Veterinary Resources Program at the National Institutes of Health. He will help the university prepare for future changes in the availability of animals, animal care standards or the way in which animal research is conducted. Full story...

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