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A world of possibilities
Gary Logan traveled more than 3,000 miles to Chulucanas, Peru, to report on a mission to provide care to sick children by a medical team led by Johns Hopkins emergency physician Karen Schneider (
"Gracias, Doctores"). The team saw more than 150 patients per day during the two-week trip and treated tropical diseases without many of the tools they rely upon in Baltimore. "I was surprised by how resourceful they were," says Logan, the associate director of communications and public affairs for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. "You can't necessarily zero in on one thing. You have to think about all of the possibilities."

Warts and all
Will Kirk (A&S '99) knows Gilman Hall. As an English major, Kirk endured a multitude of classes in the 90-year-old Homewood landmark. A university staff photographer, he's also shot countless portraits of students and faculty in the Gilman vestibule and the "Hut." In photographing the shabbily genteel building this time, Kirk aimed to show some of Gilman's elegant interior details that often get overlooked. "There are so many sterile buildings on campus," Kirk says. "That's not Gilman. It really has a personality and a beauty to it." Kirk, whose work has appeared in New York Newsday and The Baltimore Sun, is the official photographer of the National Cornbread Festival, held each April in his hometown of South Pittsburg, Tenn. — Maria Blackburn

Photographer Mike Ciesielski (Cover and "In Their Spare Time") is based in Baltimore. Call him at 410-253-8274.
Illustrator Stephanie Dalton ("Matters of the Heart") works out of Marietta, Georgia. Email her at or visit her Web site:
Photographer John Davis ("Big Question") is based in Baltimore. Contact him by calling 410-241-2767.
Photographer Bill Denison ("Your Other Life") lives and works in Baltimore. Phone him at 410-823-0001.
Will Kirk '99 ("If These Halls Could Talk" and Wholly Hopkins: "Adam Falk Named Dean of Arts and Sciences") is a photographer for Homewood Photographic Services. E-mail him at
Gary Logan ("Gracias, Medicos") is associate director of communications and public affairs at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. He can be reached at 410-516-4647 or
Photographer David Lubarsky ("'We Will Bring Him Home'") lives and works in New York. He can be reached at 212-505-1720 or via email at To view more of his work, visit
Illustrator Michael Morgenstern (Essay: "No Candidate Left Behind") is based in New Jersey. His Web site is Call him at 609-823-2420 or e-mail him at
Illustrator Robert Neubecker (Wholly Hopkins: "Researchers' Diagnosis: Hospitals are Just Too Darn Noisy" and "On Stem Cells, Politicians Argue While Citizens Agree") lives in Utah. Contact him through his Web site at
Freelancer Jim Paterson, SPSBE '04 ("Ruminations"), lives in Olney, Maryland. He can be reached at
Photographer Jay Van Rensselaer ("Big Picture") directs the Homewood Photos Labs. Call him at 410-516-5332.
Illustrator Sandy Young ("Ruminations") of Studio Y can be reached through her Web site,, or at 707-939-1131.

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