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Chasing the Great Beyond
By Michael Anft
Adam Riess' discovery that "dark energy" is making the universe expand faster and faster has changed our fundamental understanding of physics.

Bright Ideas
By Maria Blackburn
We scoured the newspapers and surveyed the schools — for this, our list of 20 bright ideas that came out of Johns Hopkins in 2007.

By Rich Shea
Rich Hollander, A&S '70, knew little of his father's life in Poland. Then he found a briefcase full of letters written in a language he couldn't read.

Drugs vs. Bugs
By Dale Keiger
As antibiotics make germs ever deadlier, Johns Hopkins researchers race to make hospitals safer for patients. And the bugs are always a step ahead.

  Wholly Hopkins

Wholly Hopkins: Matters of note from around Johns Hopkins

Business: Yash Gupta gets down to business

Peabody: Barrueco scores a Grammy nomination

Research: Federal expense cap criticized

APL: Blasts cause delayed brain trauma

Engineering: Modeling turbine turbulence

Students: A little "sadism" helps land scholarships

Ethics: Born too young

SAIS: A problem of perception

Education: Pedagogy by video games

In memoriam: FUSE comes to an end

Public Health: Agre returns to seek malaria cure

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