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Cold Comfort
By Robert Roper
They thought they were ready for any challenge. But the Johns Hopkins students who undertook a backpacking trek through the Adirondacks in January found themselves tested in ways they couldn't have imagined -- at minus 20 Fahrenheit.

The Cutting Edge
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
The promise of robotic-assisted surgery and the exacting tradition of hand-sewn sutures come together under one roof, in a new surgical training center on Hopkins Hospital's Blalock 12.

Birds of a Feather
By Mary Mashburn
Parasitologist Thaddeus Graczyk's bond with creatures great and small at the Baltimore Zoo -- and with the zoo's top vet -- is guiding research at the intersection of animal and human health.

Pressing On
By Dale Keiger
Pessimists within academic publishing say the demise of the scholarly monograph is imminent. Leaders of The Johns Hopkins University Press, now celebrating its 125th anniversary, aren't buying it.

  Wholly Hopkins

Medicine: A Measured Smallpox Vaccination Plan

University: Scientists Lose Research in Shuttle Tragedy

Policy: SAIS Center to Address Plight of War Refugees

Public Health: Campaigning for Meatless Mondays

University: Trustees Approve Modest Tuition Hike

Museums: Gilded Bath a TV Star

Books: Politics, Literature Intersect in Memoir

Peabody: Singapore Conservatory Tunes Up

Nursing: Grandmothers' Helpers

Sports: Hopkins Players Hot During Cold Season

Archaeology: Scholar Ponders Significance of Ossuary

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