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APRIL 1999

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Illustrator Kim Barnes ("Essay" ) is based in Baltimore and can be reached by calling 410/243-1951
Mike Ciesielski, whose photography appears in "Aiming High," is a Baltimore-based photographer. He can be reached at his studio by calling 410/235-8274.
Photographer Doug Hansen can be reached at the Homewood Photo Lab by calling 410/516-5332.
Cynthia Haven, author of "Rediscovering the classic in poetry" (Humanities & the Arts In Shorts), can be reached via e-mail at
Illustrator Jordin Isip ("Morality Tales") is based in Brooklyn, New York. He can be reached by calling
Mark Lee, whose work is featured in this issue's cover story, "Making Angels" can be reached at his photography studio in Baltimore by calling 410/663-3479.
Bonnie Matthews, whose illustrations appear in the In Short sections, is based in Baltimore. She can be reached by calling 410/243-3514.
Kevin O'Malley, whose illustrations appear throughout the In Short sections, is a freelancer based in Baltimore. He can be reached at 410/377-4582.
Bruno Paciulli, whose illustrations appear in the In Short sections, lives in Baltimore. He can be reached by calling 410/377-7714
Photographer Jon Reis ("Breadth of a Salesman") is based in Ithaca, New York. He can be reached by calling 607/272-1966

When we asked Baltimore photographer Mike Ciesielski to spend a day with Hopkins surgeon Michael Ain, we didn't tell him the day would start in the O.R.--at 5 a.m. Ciesielski took the early hour in stride, though, and came away with some interesting images of Ain, who at 4 feet, 3 inches may well be the world's only orthopedic surgeon who is a dwarf. ("Aiming High").

Says Ciesielski, "I enjoyed being in Dr. Ain's company very much. I liked the fact that the whole height issue was not an issue at all, for him, or for anyone else around him."

The photographer also trailed Ain as the doctor saw his pediatric patients in the orthopedic clinic. "It was easy to see that the kids were wild about him and it's easy to see why: he's a very warm person and very funny," observes Ciesielski. "When he did his exams, he always was sure to exchange information with the kids, as well as their parents."

A regular contributor to Johns Hopkins Magazine (his photo of three Hopkins postdocs appeared in last issue's cover story), Ciesielski has spent much of the past year traveling and shooting in such foreign locales as Spain, Morocco, Portugal, and New Zealand. Last summer found him in Ireland, where he traveled around with a group of food writers and documented the trip for the Baltimore International College. --SD