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Wise Guy
By Dale Keiger
Now master of the ironic anecdote and the snarky quick hit, P.J. O'Rourke started out at Hopkins wanting to write the next Finnegan's Wake.

Head of State
By Maria Blackburn
One of the world's foremost thinkers on international relations, author Francis Fukuyama talks to Hopkins Magazine about the history of democracy and the U.S. role in post-war Iraq.

Grassroots Guru
By Catherine Pierre
Vinny DeMarco took on the gun lobby and Big Tobacco — and won. Now he's using his powers of mass persuasion to make sure all Marylanders have access to health care.

Epic Predictions
Experts from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health weigh in on where they think the world will be in five, 10, or 25 years.

  Wholly Hopkins

University: Resetting the Tenure Clock

Engineering: Jones Returns, This Time as Dean

University: New Opportunity for City School Students

Students: Hopkins Boasts More Fulbrights Than Ever Before

Books: Sports, American Style

Public Health: On the Road to Child Safety

Nursing: An Expansive Response to the Nursing Shortage

Hospital: Hopkins Hospital Ranks No. 1 — Again

Humanities: The Nature of Walden Pond, 150 Years Later

Engineering: Rough and Ready Landmine Detector

International: $44 Million Aimed at Treating TB and AIDS

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