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Of Mice and Medicine
By Michael Anft
Research at Johns Hopkins owes a lot to Mus musculus — the mighty house mouse, made mightier by genetic engineering.

Market Research
By Dale Keiger
Self-described "market nut" Helen Tangires, A&S '78, says that public food markets aren't just a place to buy local goods. They're part of our moral economy.

Green Idea! It Might Just Work
By Siobhan Paganelli, A&S '08
Johns Hopkins leaders aren't the only ones committed to sustainability. Here are five students who are contributing to a greener campus and a healthier world.

A Pleasure to Be Bought
By Kathleen Waters Sander
An excerpt from Mary Elizabeth Garrett: Society and Philanthropy in the Gilded Age tells the surprising story behind Garrett's founding gift to the School of Medicine.

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Public Health: Measuring cultural competency

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SAIS: The faces of Chinese power

Engineering: Helping ICU patients walk

Research: Did that beaker just moo?

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