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Delayed and Denied
By Maria Blackburn
In the wake of 9/11, the U.S. government has stepped up security at its borders. America may be safer, but what do the new policies mean for Hopkins' international students and scholars?
By Catherine Pierre
Meet Bud — world traveler, sage advisor, Montgomery Ward mannequin. With a little help from Homewood Art Workshops instructor D.S. Bakker, Bud spreads the love across the globe.

Anatomy of an Art Form
By Dale Keiger
Whether working with pen and ink or a digital stylus, the illustrators in Hopkins' Art as Applied to Medicine program continue a century-old tradition: representing visually what cannot be seen.

Absolutely Unexpected
By Jim Duffy
Writing Sems graduate David Lipsky was an unwilling chronicler of West Point culture. But four years with the cadets made him rethink his assumptions and inspired a New York Times best-seller.

  Wholly Hopkins

University: Hopkins Scientist Wins Nobel Prize

Policy: Plans Laid for Hopkins High

Medicine: Internal Medicine Readjusts Residents' Hours

Sports: Changes Could Alter Athletics

Research: Diamonds Are a Researcher's Best Friend

Humanities: Facing the Music of Antiquity

Libraries: Water-Damaged Books Drying Out

Public Policy: Bioterrorism Staff Departs

Medicine: Change in Rounds Means Major Results

Community: It Takes a Village to House a Campus

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