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Political Science
By Dale Keiger
Johns Hopkins scientists who research such subjects as prostitution, AIDS, and drug use are finding their federal funding at risk.

Freshman Sampler
By Catherine Pierre
A novelist, a small-business owner, a founder of a charitable organization — here's just a taste of Johns Hopkins' freshman class.

Marginal Crimes
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
A new book by Hopkins historian Richard Kagan explores the lives of six prisoners caught in the prosecutorial web of the Spanish Inquisition.

HIPAA, Heal Thyself
By Maria Blackburn
Sweeping new patient-privacy regulations have complicated life at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Now many are asking: Are the benefits worth the cost?

Small Wonders
By Maria Blackburn, Photos by Mike Ciesielski
Johns Hopkins' special collections are full of small wonders — little objects striking for their rarity and their tiny beauty.

  Wholly Hopkins

Medicine: The Sweet Smell of a Nobel

International Studies: Mourning Paul H. Nitze

Humanities: Theater Program Finds a Home

Students: Food and Fun on an Autumn Weekend

Humanities: More on Mark Twain

Books: Celebrating a Certain Joie de Vivre

Mathematics: Adding Up Good Vibrations

Public Health: Bloomberg School Looks for Leaders

Engineering: Water Treatment to Bank On

Students: Frank Talk About Student Sex

Community: Reading a Community's Needs

Professional Studies: Academic Approach to Real Estate

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