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In Disaster-Prone Areas, Construction Needs a New Approach 03/09
Global Warming May Delay Recovery of Stratospheric Ozone 02/09
Magma Discovered in Situ for First Time 12/08
JHU Launches Online Certificate in Geographic Information Systems 09/08
Student Seeks Links Between Libraries and Neighborhood Poverty 04/08
'Green' Engineering Grows More Common in the Classroom 04/08
Chemistry Experts Team Up to Predict Pollutant Reactions 02/08
Wind Turbines Produce 'Green' Energy — and Airflow Mysteries 12/07
"Magma P.I." Unearths Clues to How Crust Was Sculpted 12/01
Researchers View Swimming Tactics of Tiny Aquatic Predators 10/07
Ragweed Research Is Nothing to Sneeze At 09/07
Climate Change Expert to Give Lecture at Johns Hopkins 09/07
It's Time to Look at Health Risks in a New Light, Authors Say 08/07
Johns Hopkins to Launch Online Master's Degree Program in Environmental Planning and Management 05/07
Corals Switch Skeleton as Seawater Changes 07/06
New Engineering Center to Transform Sensor Technology 05/06
Joshua Cogan: Wireless Long-Term Soil Monitoring 03/06 [PURA Award]
Hurricanes, Other Vortices Seize Energy via Hostile Takeovers 03/06
Johns Hopkins Engineering Programs for Professionals and Army Corps of Engineers to Host Water Resources Planning Seminar 12/05
Media Advisory: Experts on Water Quality, Pollution, and Treatment Plant Reconstruction Issues Raised by Hurricane Katrina 09/05
New Center Will Study Urban Pollutants and Ways to Manage Them 06/05
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Irwin and Olson 04/05
Lava Lamp-Like Process Caused World's Largest Zinc Deposit 04/05
Low Level of Extinction During Ice Age Linked to Adaptability 04/05
Provost's Undergraduate Research Award: Maryland Resident Wins Johns Hopkins Research Award 03/05
Post-Tsunami Thailand Yields Lessons for Coastal Construction 02/05
Media Advisory: Johns Hopkins Tsunami Expert Available for Interviews 12/04
Sea Change: Skeletons of Ancient Corals Different from Today's 11/04
Geologists to Gather at Johns Hopkins to Plan Antarctic Trek 10/04
Riverbank Filtration Pulls Pollutants from Drinking Water 08/04
New Tool Predicts How Long Pollutants Will Stay in Soil 08/04
Chemical Catalysts May Neutralize Groundwater Contaminants 08/04
Paleoecologist Be Honored for Chesapeake Bay Research 04/04
New Degree Focuses on Environmental Planning and Management 12/03
New Pollutant Cleanup Technique Puzzles, Pleases Chemists 09/03
Wind's Energy Transfer to Ocean Waves Quantified for First Time 03/03
Volcanoes on Jovian Moon Spew Salt into Atmosphere 12/02
Germs Don't Take a Holiday 12/02
Prescription Drug Pollution May Harm Humans, Aquatic Life 04/02
Scientist Probes Fossil Oddity: Giant Redwoods near North Pole 03/02
Undergrad Finds Clues to 400-Million-Year-Old Mystery 03/02
Johns Hopkins to Offer New Major in Environmental Engineering 02/02
Tracking and Treating Toxic Waste in Urban Neighborhoods 12/01
Droplets in Salt Crystals Confirm Historic Ocean Changes 12/01
Water Panel Starts "Conversation" Between Religion and Science 11/01
Fiber-Optic Laser Could Track Changes in Earth's Ozone Layer: Johns Hopkins Teams with NASA-Goddard to Create New Instrument 08/00
Water Quality Researcher Receives Prestigious Clarke Prize (06/00)
Building the Right Barrier Stops Spread of Deadly Pollutants (03/00)
Fossil Plants' Ties to Ancient Carbon Redefined 02/00
'Hurricane House' Braces for New Storm Season 07/99
Environmental Engineers Unravel 'Evaporation Paradox' 11/98
Hopkins Geologist Reveals Earth's Plumbing, Momentous Theory in Earth Science Topples 11/98
Web Site Explores How Climate Change Affects Human Health 11/98
Did Fur Trappers Trigger Landscape Changes? 10/98
Putting a Price Tag on Pollution 08/98
Banking on Safer Drinking Water 07/98
Sand in the Sediment Can Help Predict River Damage 04/98
Clues to Horse Extinctions Point to Gritty Grass, Changing Climate 10/97
Media Advisory: Steven Stanley to Receive Award 10/97
Fisheries Scientists to Meet at Johns Hopkins 09/97
High-Tech Robots Take Exploration to New Heights--and Depths 08/97
Scientists Urge Further Study of Alarming Coral Reef Decline 03/97
Media Advisory: Climate Change Conference 02/97
Model May Explain 'Super-Rotation' of Earth's Core 01/97
Geologist Unearths Secrets of Continent-Forming Process 02/96
Scientist Proposes Ice Age Theory 11/95
Hopkins Engineer Will Comment on Russian Earthquake 05/95
Hopkins Scientist Uncovers Extinction Pulses 11/94
Ellis to Comment on EPA Pollution Control Plan Decision 11/94
Hopkins Environmental Engineer Receives Young Investigator 07/94
Hopkins Geochemist Develops Promising Computer Model 05/94

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